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[1989-06-27-NJPW] Big Van Vader vs Riki Choshu

Superstar Sleeze

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Vader vs Riki Choshu - NJPW 6/27/1989

Vader had dropped the IWGP Championship to Salman Hashimikov who had not yet dropped it to Choshu so this is NOT for the IWGP Championship. Really awesome bloody brawl here that lives up to the hype of VADER VS CHOSHU! Vader dominates early doing Vader stuff and also busting out a dropkick. Choshu comes back with piss & vinegar pretty much hurls right everything back at Vader including a dropkick and a monster lariat. He sends the Mastodon into the railing, tears the mask and slams him into the post triggering lots of blood of course. Choshu then goes to town with chair shots. Everything I hoped for! Vader is so great as a wounded bear throwing those wild fists. Choshu goes for the Scorpion Deathlock but Vader is just too big. Choshu goes for the pin, but nothing doing. Vader hits him low, suspiciously low. Vader intimidates the ref and now we get classic Vader using his unique combination of girth and athleticism to control the match. He eats knees on a splash and here comes Choshu. Vader eats a Saito Suplex, a bodyslam and a monster truck lariat. Vader wisely powders. Choshu tries to stay on him, but Vader catches him on a plancha and THROWS HIM DOWN! Wow Choshu is not a small man. Vader hits his classic Vader body attack off the apron to win the match via countout. Great way to build to a rematch which would be a title match in August. Vader looked awesome in this.1989 was his breakout year. He does his best Stan Hansen intimidating the crowd as a crazed, bloody monster overturning chairs. Choshu is a great Vader opponent because he looks like an asskicker that can hang with Vader and not many can play that part. Just one of those great asskicking match that never drags and never a dull moment. ****1/2  


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