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[2008-11-09-TNA-Turning Point] Sting vs A.J. Styles

Superstar Sleeze

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TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting vs AJ Styles - Turning Point 2008


This is from the very beginning of the Main Event Mafia. After about 8 incarnations of this storyline, Russo finally got so it was at least interesting TV even though it produced some awful PPV main events. They main evented their January PPV with AJ/Foley/Devon vs Booker/Steiner/Billy Gunn. How this company is still in business is shocking. This is Sting's first PPV defense after defeating Samoa Joe for the belt at BFG 2008. Sting could not care less in this match. He looks like he would rather be anywhere else in the world rather than have AJ hold his wrist. He is just bored in this match. What is weird he does not look that out of place even though it is 2008. He is a giant compared to AJ. He is in decent shape and can still execute everything. The face paint hides how old he is. But he just totally mails this one in. AJ is a spaz in this match and is constantly cutting off Sting as he tries to inject some life in this match with many too many hope spots. He could have tried the old fashion way with some good selling, which he is capable of, but he is a product of 00s and offense reigns supreme in that decade. The best example of my issue with the match is Sting press slams AJ onto the outside in the best spot of the match. Within 90 seconds, AJ hit a backbreaker on Sting. The home stretch was just the usual spots: Scorpion Deathdrop, some Stinger Splashes, Spiral Tap. Then the MEM run out for some weak interference that backfires. AJ whiffs on the Pele and Sting rolls him up for the win. It just kinda ended. The match was just there. I did not think it was out, out bad per se. It was just a really tepid performance from Sting with AJ way overcompensating for that.

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