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[2006-01-15-TNA-Final Resolution] Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels

Superstar Sleeze

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TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels - Final Resolution 2006

The Joe vs Daniels rivalry is the least discussed of the three pairings of the main X Division competitors. I actually like Daniels and always think he does good work. I know some people dont care for him, but I would like to hear the knocks against him. There is something about him that screams midcard or ceiling I should say. Like you feel like Joe & AJ are main event players, but for some reason it does not feel like Daniels belongs in the main event and I dont know why. It is not size because AJ is just as big if not a little shorter. Anyways, I thought this was a great match between these two. The story going into it is that Joe has concussed and busted Daniels open in the lead up to the match. Daniels comes out firing on all cylinders. I really like how this was a battle of tempo early on. Daniels came out like a bat out of hell and was keeping Joe off balance with a quick pace and a relentless attack. This is always a risky situation because it allows Joe to be reactionary and find an opening. Twice Joe just avoided aerial moves by Daniels and each time Joe ground the match to a halt. He was measuring Daniels and really laying everything. It was inevitable that Daniels was going to have to win this match with a slow tempo approach. He just kept getting countered. He was working in slams to set up his moonsaults, but was not able to negotiate the pinfall. Joe was frustrated by his own inability to submit Daniels. I did think parts of the match were a little too back and forth, but the action was always crisp and interesting. The match hits the finish run when Daniels hits a wicked slingshot elbow drop on the floor. That was some serious flesh on flesh impact. Damn! Daniels sells his hip like a million bucks and when he is looking to get back in the ring Joe rocks him with a kick to the head. Remember the concussion. Then Joe hits the facewash on the guradrail and Daniels is busted. Daniels tries valiantly to come back but it is too late and Joe destroys. Musclebuster and then a musclebuster on a chair followed by wicked Fujita-like knees to the head and best friend AJ has to throw in the towel. The beginning was cool. The middle was a lot of nice signature stuff. The finish run was really great and really put Joe over as a cold, soulless killer. ****  

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