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[2007-12-02-TNA-Turning Point] Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong

Superstar Sleeze

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TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong - TNA Turning Point 2007

For those who are having a bit of trouble remembering the timeline like I was, Gail Kim won the right to be the first knockouts champion at Bound For Glory (October 2007) and this is the first PPV meeting between these two. During my TNA fan heyday, I was a huge Awesome Kong mark. Going back and watching this did not let me down one bit. If this happened today in WWE, this would be considered tippy top stuff. Awesome Kong is well awesome! Just an absolute freight train. She jumps Kim before the bell knocking her off the apron. Everyone loves to compare her to Vader and I get it: the gloves, the girth, and the power (I really wanted a "g" word there). She wrecks Kim for a good couple minutes before the official bell. What Gail Kim does so well is she never dies. She constantly peppering in shots. She is scrappy and punching & kicking. Kong is just overwhelming her. That sense of struggle makes for great pro wrestling. They set up Kim's offense so well. It is always Kong charging and running into stuff. The only thing that can hurt Kong in this match is Kong herself. Kim works that arm after it connects with the post, but eventually Kong uses her size to bully herself back into control. Body checks, the punches, the back fists all great. Kim is perfect, scrappy and vulnerable. Camel clutch and pulling the hair, toying with ref trying to make her break, biting the hair and yanking back. She is a great wild character. Like The Sheik and Vader mixed. Kim's big finish run is so damn great. It is what wrestling is made of. She is using her quickness to break down Awesome Kong. Repeated missile dropkicks as Kong is a weeble wobble that wont go down until one massive missile dropkick to the head! THE ROOF DAMN NEAR COMES OFF THE PLACE! I am pumping my fist over ten years later. SENTON! 1-2-NO! I am counting right along with them. Kong regains control by clocking her with a spinning backfirst. Kong sees red and is trying to choke the life out of Kim with her boot. The ref tries to pull her off but Kong piefaces him and he calls for the bell. Kong goes on a path of destruction destroying Kim, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. It is punctuated by an Awesomebomb on a steel chair. Amazing match, put a real finish on this and it is a classic. Great first match in the series. Lives up to the hype totally! ****1/4

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Yeah, this was terrific. The look Kong gives after the match - she sells the character so well and infuses the entire match with it. They're telling a very simple story incredibly well - full commitment to it. Definitely worth seeing. The WWE women's division could use a monster as good as Kong.

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