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[2005-01-16-AJPW] Toshiaki Kawada vs Kensuke Sasaki


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Pretty by the numbers japanese big match but not bad. Sasaki gets the advantage using his power early on, finisher on the floor, some limbwork ensues, lots of stiff shots etc. It's a formula that works and these two are good at it. Sasaki is pretty fly here hitting a big plancha to the floor and really walloping Kawada with potatoes. There is some neck work which ends up not being of much importance but leads to some fun moments. Sasaki cosplays 90s Kobashi by chopping Kawada in the neck and hitting flimsy bulldogs, it also leads to a pretty sick piledriver. Kawada was halfway into lazy mode as he had some nice transitions such as kicking Sasaki in the face when he tried his silly facebuster or slipping underneath for the cheap powerbomb, but he would also just go back on offense at other times. Kind of dumb finishing stretch, but not offensively dumb.

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I was ready to hate on this, but it was actually pretty good. It's not a sublime Kawada performance. If you're looking for a sublime Kawada performance, you're watching the wrong decade. However, it was perfectly good meathead wrestling. Everything they did was hard-hitting and made sense from one beat to the next. Far better than I expected. 

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