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[1980-09-09-EMLL-Guadalajara] Andre The Giant & Cien Caras vs Herodes & Sangre Chicana & Alfonso Dantes


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Really fun spectacle. Despite the numbers advantage, all the rudos eat shit against Andre. There are some really cool spots in the first half built around that. The rudos are good in this, especially Sangre Chicana, in a very different role to the wild brawling underdog he's in his big matches a few years later. The match does get insanely messy in the second half. There's some Cien Caras as face-in-peril spots but they don't amount to much because he always tags out after a minute or two. The crowd is always ecstatic to see Andre back in, which is cool.

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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [1980-09-09-EMLL Guadalajara] Andre The Giant & Cien Caras vs Herodes, Sangre Chicana & Alfonso Dantes
  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [1980-09-09-EMLL-Guadalajara] Andre The Giant & Cien Caras vs Herodes & Sangre Chicana & Alfonso Dantes
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Andre The Giant & Cien Caras vs. Alfonso Dantes, Herodes & Sangre Chicana
Three On Two Handicap Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match
La Arena Coliseo del Occidente, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Easily the best handicap match I think I’ve ever seen. Andre was a tour de force here and it was a delight to see him work this formula against some better workers than WWF jobbers on All Star Wrestling. Poor Cien Caras was merely a warm body here as Andre’s partner but what really pushed this over the top was Sangre Chicana’s performance. Dantes and Herodes were good, but pretty nondescript and I’m not sure I could tell you which was which, but Chicana, from before the match even began, really stood out. He did his best to show a confident front, peacocking to the crowd and sticking his chest out at Andre, but as soon as the big man made any move towards him he would back away or flee without a second's hesitation.
Yes, this ultimately was just a comedy match, but it was thoroughly entertaining, and certainly the most logical comedy match I can recall. None of the spots seemed contrived, they worked this like you would expect a real contest against Andre to go, and the three rudos really worked their behinds off to put over the challenge of fighting Andre.

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