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[1989-07-23-NWA-Great American Bash] Sting vs Great Muta

Superstar Sleeze

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NWA World TV Champion Sting vs The Great Muta - NWA Great American Bash 1989

Sting's Splash from one ring to the other was the perfect way to jumpstart this match and it is the iconic spot from this match. This match and feud has quite the reputation that is more built on the myth of these two gimmicks than the actual work. It is more a collection of great spots than a great match. There is plenty of great splashes all over the ring. Muta's offense looks crisp and love that he goes for bombs early. The greeness of both men is exposed. At one point, Sting hits a bodyslam and he looks unsure of what to do next and after hesitation he goes for a cover. Stuff like that just takes me out of it. Muta also kind of runs out of offense at one point. The finish stretch is exciting and then stupid. We get a ref bump off the accidental mist. Missed Stinger Splash...Moonsault...1-2-NO! Great nearfall. The finish itself is terrible. Both men get their shoulders up in the double pin situation so Tommy Young should have stopped counting. Then they announce Sting as still champion which is fine I guess it was a draw but then Gary Hart and Muta just take the belt. Sting and Eddie Gilbert just have their thumb up their ass. One of the all time bad finishes in pro wrestling, so stupid, leaves a bad taste in my mouth, the work before was ok, just some good spots. 

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