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[1989-09-01-NWA-Power Hour] Sting vs Great Muta

Superstar Sleeze

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Is Great Muta's TV Title victory from the Omni on 9/3 available?


Sting vs The Great Muta NWA Power Hour 9/1/89 Vacant TV Championship (Taped 8/15/89 Cleveland, OH)

Muta has not been looking good in these matches. I came around on him watching some early 90s New Japan where he had a really cool monster vibe to him. Here he just seems to be sandbagging. Sting's shine is quick pinfall attempts and a top rope crossbody. It looks the Stinger is about to run away with this. This draws Terry Funk out and he proves to be enough of distraction for Muta to jump Sting. Besides Gary Hart doing some choking with the towel, I thought this was a pretty pedestrian heat segment. Sting hits his facebuster and does Snake Eyes on the railing outside...I liked that, good violence. A fight on the apron breaks out and Sting eats the steel on a lunge. Muta hits his back handspring elbow but on a Thesz Press/Hotshot the ref gets wiped out. I thought the finish stretch up to the DQ Finish was done much better than GAB and it was pretty exciting. Sting hits the Stinger Splash and going for the Scorpion Deathlock he gets whacked from behind by Gary Hart. Thats a good nearfall. Backbreaker, you know whats next, MOONSAULT EATS KNEES! STINGER SPLASH! Gary Hart triggers a DQ and the TV Championship remains vacant even though that is very ambiguous on TV. Muta would win the TV Championship two nights later in Atlanta. *** 

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