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[1985-09-28-WWF-Philadelphia, PA] Roddy Piper & Bob Orton Jr vs Paul Orndorff & Bruno Sammartino

Superstar Sleeze

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Roddy Piper & Bob Orton vs Paul Orndorff & Bruno Sammartino - WWF Philly 9/28/85

KAL RUDMAN BAR THE DOOR! THERE IS A PIER-SIX BRAWL A BREWIN~! Wow! This was raucous mayhem. It is no surprise after watching this why ECW took off in Philly. These fans were lapping up this brawling with a spoon. All that was missing was the blood and I got to imagine they were saving that for next month. Dont know too much of the story, I know this was after Mania I when Mr. Wonderful had turned babyface and he was clearly outgunned 2-on-1 against Piper & Orton. So he got some back-up in the form of the Living Legend, Bruno Sammartino. This is an out-and-out brawl. It is basically a Texas Tornado match. It was a melee to start and just kept going. Tons of great bumping and stooging from the heels that made the faces looks great. I think my favorite spot was Wonderful grabbing the cast of Ace Orton and slamming it into Piper's head. I just thought of another one near the end when Wonderful is choking Piper out with the tag rope and Piper is so out of it he can not even eye poke him. I love how the heels needed to blatantly cheat to get an advantage: go for the eyes, the cast or the tape from the cast. Tons of brawling ringside. Some good heat on Sammartino by using the sleeper. I loved Wonderful saving once and then Bruno just going for the eyes. Fight fire with fire. The end of the match I thought we were going to get blood when Wonderful went off the post, but nada. Then Sammartino got slammed in the back of the head. The babyfaces get counted out and then throw a bunch of furniture in the ring to clear out Piper & Orton. Perfect match to get you pumped for next month's match, which I believe is a cage match and I bet a blood bath. ***1/2

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