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[1985-12-31-Mid South-Oklahoma City, OK] Eddie Gilbert & The Nightmare vs Mad Dog Boyd & Pork Chop Cash

paul sosnowski

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I'm totally loving the early schtick. Gilbert is a great foil to the Bruise Bros. Gilbert bumping all over the place. Pork Chop Cash is outta control. What a character. Nightmare's turn and he has as much sucess as Gilbert. The heels try the same opening spot as the faces did with the exact opposite result. The trip Mad Dog Boyd and start to get heat on him. Boyd fires back to no avail. Heels stay on top of him. Noggin knocker sets up the hot tag. Gilbert interferance back fires. Super fun tag. Perfect way to be different with 3 strong main events on it. Honestly a perfect match for the show. 3*

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