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[1987-06-27-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Ric Flair & Lex Luger vs Ron & Jimmy Garvin

Superstar Sleeze

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Ric Flair & Lex Luger vs Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin - World Championship Wrestling 6/27/87

The Network describes this as a dream match. I mean it is a very good match dont get me wrong, but I dont think anyone ever had sweet dreams of seeing the Garvin teams up against Flair & Luger. 

Jimmy Garvin is SO weird as a babyface. He is such a scummy scuzzball heel that I just cant accept him as a babyface. He does not seem to know how to adapt. I have a morbid curiosity to watch Flair vs Jimmy Garvin matches because what formula would he use. Jimmy Jam is too big for the Koko Ware/Ricky Morton formula. He is not good enough for the Steamboat formula. He does not hit hard enough for the Ron Garvin/Wahoo formula. If he uses the Nikita/Hawk/Musclehead formula that would be hilarious and I bet he would. 

Anyways, this is awesome because it is Ric Flair and Ronnie Garvin just beating the ever loving shit out of each other. Ronnie Garvin hits Flair so hard that he causes Flair's chest to bleed. What is interesting about this match is there not much in the way of a traditional face in peril. It is very even all the way. The babyfaces have the advantage for the most part. It is really the Ron and Ric show early. Jimmy Garvin relies on side headlock. Luger looks good. Luger comes in and hits a powerslam on Ronnie Garvin. Luger actually took to wrestling very fast. He was already very good by 1987. Ronnie Garvin BITES Lex Luger's nose. Ronnie Garvin would be over in my Dad's family. Ronnie suplexes Flair back in. Ronnie Garvin is pugnacious as heel. He is reminding me of Kevin Von Erich. We get back from commercial. Luger holds Ronnie for Flair and Flair absolutely RIFLES Ronnie with a chest. Wow! Ronnie comes back and just grabs his beak and beats the shit out of him. Flair Flip! They just blast each other on the floor. I mean watching Ronnie Garvin vs Ric Flair is like the best thing on Earth. 

It is funny they were using Jimmy Garvin & Precious as a short term feud to build to a Ronnie Garvin title run. Flair being obsessed with a woman is a pretty plausible storyline. 1987 Crockett is so weird with Jimmy & Ronnie Garvin as the top faces because Dusty and Nikita were played out as challengers for Flair. I think they should have turned Flair babyface and went with a Flair vs Blanchard program as an outside the box idea. There is a weird Luger leapfrog botch. Ronnie Garvin tenaciously tries to roll up Luger. Luger gets kinda pissed and says get over here pipsqueek and hooks in a headlock and bullies him into the corner. Flair hits a kneecrusher and figure-4! Jimmy Garvin saves. Luger and Flair beat on Ron Garvin on the  outside. There is no heat segments at all as Ronnie tags out. The Horsemen finally do have a semblance of control as both Garvins seem tuckered out. Backbreaker by the Total Package for two. Flair misses the elbow drop and here comes Ronnie Garvin. HOLY SHIT! Those chops by Rugged Ronnie! WOW! Nails Luger! Melees ensues. Flair goes after Precious randomly. JJ tries to go all Caveman and hoists Precious on his shoulder. Dusty & Nikit save. The Horsemen beat up the ref and throw him out the ring. Ronnie Garvin press slams Flair off the top. Ronnie KOs Luger with Hands of Stone and Jimmy Garvin hits the BrainBuster as Ronnie Garvin counts three. This will set up all Flair vs Jimmy Garvin title defenses on the Great American Bash tour. 

Jimmy Garvin as a babyface is just so wrong. Flair vs Ronnie Garvin is gold! Really interesting layout no face in peril, no hot tag. It felt like a brawl that was just even. It was NOT my turn, your turn. It was just a fight. ***1/2

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