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[1987-05-16-NWA-World Championship Wrestling Midnight Express vs Barry Windham & Ron Garvin

Superstar Sleeze

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Midnight Express vs Barry Windham & Ronnie Garvin - World Championship Wrestling 5/16/87 US Tag Team Titles Tournament Finals

Watching all this Crockett, I am fiending for sorme Midnight Express. At this point, we are in the Eaton & Lane version of the Midnight Express. That version did not seem to explode into the great workrate team until the following year against Fantastics. Who were they working the rest of '87? The RNRs? Road Warriors? 

I really enjoyed this as a great Southern tag team match with a double face in peril. Nothing too fancy just a great meat & potatoes match. The beginning was very intense some great lock-ups. I liked how Garvin's first instinct was to bully Eaton into his corner so he could tag in BW and who punched Eaton in the face. Eaton throws a great punch, but he also knows how to sell it. Barry Windham is a match up nightmare for the MX as he much bigger and longer than the MX. Windham bullies Lane no problem. The MX get a lucky break when Garvin is knocked loopy on a shouldertackle spot. The MX is able to take advantage begin to work over Garvin in earnest. I love how pugnacious Garvin is. Look at that drive in his leg while he pushing Eaton towards his corner in a headlock. It does not look like Eaton is just letting him, Garvin is really straining himself. Eaton hits Alabama Jam for two. Lane hits a double stomp and then chops Garvin. Bad idea. Eaton tries the same thing and Garvin wakes up. Garvin beats the shit out of Eaton here comes BW. Good house of fire. SUPERPLEX! That was a great superplex he really threw Eaton. Windham goes up top again and misses the kneedrop. Lane comes in and starts doing his Karate and we enter the second face in peril. BW is definitely better at selling. Nothing spectacular just a solid heat segment. Eaton & Lane are still a pretty new tag team I dont think they have quite hit the stride they would hit in 1988 together. Chemistry can take a little while to develop. Eaton misses his top rope elbow drop. All Hell Breaks Loose! The ref goes down, there is tennis racquets and steel chairs! Watch it to check it out, it is a good crazy finish. The end result is that Midnight Express are the new US Tag Team Champions. I thought this was a great Southern tag match with two good face in perils it was missing the usual great MX offense or MX stooging to really put it over the top, but still a rock solid match. ***3/4

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