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[2001-01-06-NOAH] Tamon Honda vs Takashi Sugiura


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Amaresu shootstyle! This was a really cool match. Apparently this was Sugiura's 3rd match ever so it's good that he gets to fight Honda, who is a master of a nifty short match like this. The early matwork here felt a bit like Negro Navarro doing an exhibition in Coliseo Coacalco, quick movements and then a break, but they get into some good extended mat sections later on. Really cool stuff that feels different from your typical UWF inspiried japanese shootstyle matwork. Honda looks like a troll but he can move really fast. Sugiura (in his amateur singlet) looks good throwing the much bigger Honda around. He survives some of Hondas unorthodox submissions and even hits a massive Karelin throw on the big guy. Nifty Fujiwaraesque finish.

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This was pretty dope. Sugiura looked good here - I like the singlet look but he's also throwing Honda around with some impressive throws, his strikes are on point, and he even pulls out a roll-up kneebar, which looked slick. Honda keeps things moving on the ground, with his quick little transitions and set-ups, and gives rookie Sugiura plenty of room to work his amateur style. Good stuff. 

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