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[1985-12-21-CWA-TV] Fabulous Ones vs Midnight Express

Superstar Sleeze

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Fabulous Ones vs Midnight Express - Memphis 12/21/85

I watched the clipped version from the 12/21/85 TV show, but this was during the Crockett/Memphis show from 11/18/85 which is famous for the Flair title defense against Koko Ware. The Fabs vs the Midnights is of course a DREAM MATCH! It does not live up to the lofty expectations that this match will have. There are two really great comedy spots, but thats pretty much the only things that stand out. I will let those who want to watch the match check out those comedy spots. Then Condrey trips Keirn from the outside. Eaton hits a kneedrop and then it is choke city on Keirn. Lots of choking, jab with the tennis racquet. Eaton misses the top rope elbow drop! Lane is in and he is a house of fire. Cornette hits the ring and Lane puts him in a sleeper. Triggers the DQ and the Fabs send the MX packing. We are missing five minutes of a fifteen match. Two comedy spots early on gold other than that it is just the Fabulous Ones and Midnight Express on cruise control. ***1/4 

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