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[2019-01-13-NJPW-Honor Reigns Supreme] Jay Lethal vs Dalton Castle


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Jay Lethal defends the ROH World Title

On par w/ their meeting for the title from the year before. Loved Dalton going at it w/ a frantic pace right from the get go, bringing the fight right at Lethal, throwing him around w/ a very nice sense of urgency to it. Lethal is overwhelmed by Castle's onslaught, but he does eventually get back into things. Loved him running Castle to the barricade outside in his first real offense of the match. It set the tone for what was about to come; he gets the control & starts punishing that taped up mid-section of Castle's. Lethal is really great on top w/ nice looking forearms & knees to that mid-section as well as holds that put great pressure on the back. I LOVE Dalton from underneath - he has this awesome scrappy spirit to him as he sells his ass off & tries to fight back. Terrific moment in when Dalton finally got a brief little comeback going, Lethal just RAMS him, back first, to the barricade viciously. Great psychology through & through - started off super hot w/ Castle changing up from the usual main event World Title formula, but then getting punished big time by it w/ Lethal slowing things up as he works the crap out of his mid-section. Great, great stuff. Between this & their 16th Anniversary Show match, Castle & Lethal have proved to be one helluva pairing. ****

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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2019-01-13-NJPW-Honor Reigns Supreme] Jay Lethal vs Dalton Castle

Excellent sequel to their title match from last year with Castle coming in as the aggressor before being cut down by his own injury. Loved how Castle sold his ribs in little ways like having trouble jumping over the ropes or being unable to hit the Bangarang. Can we also show some love to the punches and strikes these guys hit? Everything felt like there was a good amount of force behind it. Another surprising plus is how decent Aldis sounded on commentary. With a little more practice and energy, he could have a valuable spot to fall back on in the future. Great match, excellently paced and structured.


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I agree with everything the previous folks said. This was a great title match with Dalton coming out the gate like Kobashi vs Misawa. Those suplexes were fierce!!  Eventually, Lethal uses experience to slow things down and grind Castle down. Frankly, Jay Lethal feels like a legitimate champion in both in-ring ability and smarts. For instance, we see Lethal escape to the floor to break up momentum as well as remain inside the ring after knocking challenger to the outside. He just does a lot of bright little things while allowing Dalton to build some steam up. Along with the Villain Enterprises vs Briscoe/Young match, this was a fantastic way to close the show. I hope these two keep the good stuff coming.

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