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[2019-01-13-DEFIANT-Loaded #6] PAC vs David Starr

paul sosnowski

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  • GSR changed the title to [2019-01-13-DEFIANT-Loaded #6] PAC vs David Starr

PAC returns home. I'm not going to say this was one of PAC's best performances since returning to the indies, but I won't say he didn't give a good enough effort either. Even though he felt much more on autopilot here than he usually is, he still gave Starr enough of a physical match to put him over even by beating him. Starr was also a bit robotic, but the personality clash was the real meat of the match. Not a MOTYC by any means, but still a worthwhile match, ****.

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They seemed very content to take it easy and just be happy with the crowd reaction at the start meaning that they didn't have to bother trying. PAC looked okay but Starr who I have never seen before was bad his strikes were terrible and his moves had no flow to them (that was a problem shared not just down to him) it was just a midcard match on wwe Main Event really nothing. The commentators talking about some classic which I know they have to put it over but it was not anything special and it was silly them talking about a great match. Just generic indie sequences randomly strung together before the black arrow finish. *3/4

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