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[1984-08-04-WWF-Philadelphia, PA] The Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts) vs Rene Goulet & Charlie Fulto & Ron Shaw


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Before the match, we go backstage to what feels like must be the first instance of a black limousine pulling up to a wrestling arena. If only Shiavone had somehow been on Vince's radar at this point this would feel just like Nitro. From inside the limo comes Cindy Lauper and David Wolf, followed by the Freebirds as Skynyrd starts playing to a big pop. And sure enough, we even get the Goldberg entrance as the camera follow NWO Stars and Bars and their MTV entourage all the way to the ring. Thoughtfully, the Birds are decked out in their shiny Green Bay Packers-colored robes instead of the Rebel gear they're known to sport. They get a good pop despite not being on WWF TV much and being off WTBS for a few years. This is a fine debut and showcase. Gordy's stuff looks solid and the crowd eats up Michael Hayes like cupcakes. The job squad tries to all come at Gordy at once and then everyone gets involved before Gordy hits a sick powerbomb driver on Fulton and drops him right on his neck. Gorilla did his best and called it an "upside down bearhug drop". Then Lauper comes in to celebrate with her mark manager and the crowd pops big for the whole thing. This is cool. A special moment way ahead of it's time, during an eventful and exiting period of change for pro wrestling. Not unlike something from Monday nights in the 90's at all in several ways. 

It's so strange that it didn't work out for The Freebirds in this run and interesting to see them come in for their one-shot on the same night Backlund takes a walk. Vince made some important decisions around this time. Some genius and some stinkers. I think leaving the Fabulous Freebirds floating in the toilet is a stinker. He should've flushed them down the world's throat and made millions of dollars with Michael Hayes on MTV. Another good example of why the wrestling war he started in 1984 lasted until 2001. It should have been over from the start. Cool segment.

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