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[2019-02-10-DDT] Kazusada Higuchi & Kota Umeda vs Keisuke Okuda & Naomi Yoshimura

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Yoshimura and Okuda feuded with Umeda for a long time when they were in DNA. They were really good heels. This is in Okuda's hometown and an inversion of that dynamic, with Okuda and Naomi fighting from underneath for most of the match. The match is still good. Umeda and Higuchi are really good just silently beating down the hometown fighter. All four like working fairly stiff and every exchange is interesting. They just keep hitting and throwing each other down until Okuda pins Umeda with a bridging suplex. Very straightforward match in that sense. Even if only Okuda has been a pro fighter in any capacity, I also find all four very believable as "fighters" because of their mannerisms. Really good matchup and I'm sure they could put on a better version of this match down the line. Everyone in this match is surprisingly young and there's no reason for them to not keep facing each other.

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