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[1983-03-20-WWF-MSG, NY] Bob Backlund vs Don Muraco (Texas Death)

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Don Muraco - MSG 3/20/83 Texas Death Match

I think this is going to be the last Don Muraco Texas Death Match I watch in my life. I always say that, but this dude is such a bore. This match is a result of Backlund losing his temper and getting DQ'd the previous month so this is Texas Death Match, which is New York's version of No DQ. It is wrestled very tame. Their Texas Death Match in 1981 is much better. Backlund tries to jumpstart the match with some head cranks and hard elbows but Muraco retreats to the corner as if to say "Brudda, chill". Backlund just works a head crank sequence that lets the crowd count along. At one he takes Muraco over the ropes so he can pull him back in. Note to Muraco: that spot works a lot better if you actually are scrambling to escape. The best spot of the first half was Muraco uses Bcaklund's hair to pitch him off and hit a dropkick. He goes up top and Backlund rips him down with a headlock. The match does pick up once Muraco hits a low blow. I mean it is a Texas Death Match after all! Muraco drops Backlund throat-first on the railing. A pretty tepid King of the Mountain ensues. The best part of the match by far is the home stretch. Backlund slams Muraco's head into the post busting him open. He then gets his receipt dropping Muraco throat first on the railing. Backlund pounds the cut and even steps on it. Nasty. Muraco gets a desperation powerslam but slides off on the cover. Backlund press slams him off the top. Then Backlund just shows off... get this he does an Argentine Backbreaker and then bridges out of a cover. The crowd popped huge. Backlund was crazy strong! I liked the Crossface Chickenwing, but Muraco scurries for the ropes and Backlund counters with a German suplex bridge. Muraco may be a dreadful bore, but that finish run with the blood and Backlund kicking ass was hot. Too little too late though. ***1/4

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