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[2002-09-21-ROH-Unscripted] Low Ki vs Xavier


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Low Ki defends the ROH Title

Man, Low Ki was just killing everyone in 2002. He was just blasting Xavier left and right here. Xavier is someone who is pretty much forgotten. I am not sure if it's unfair or not, as he looked like a good solid pro wrestler, with a tendency to do cool moves and not much of a clue on match structure. Structurally this wasn't great and they started running out of interesting ideas about 15 minutes into it, but Ki walloping Xavier over and over kept this entertaining. Should add Kis subtle leg selling was quiet great. Run in was pretty bad and took way too long.

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I actually had never fully watched this match prior to this, and I gotta say that I am pleasantly surprised. Everybody knows about the end result, and it certainly is the most memorable thing about this, BUT I think the match was actually really fucking good. Does Xavier's offense look weak as hell, especially compared to that of Low Ki's? 100%. In this case, it adds to the match though, as Ki just shrugs off most of Xavier's weak strikes & then shows him how it's done w/ those classic hellacious strikes of his own. It's such a charming dynamic -- Xavier wasn’t good. But he was still good. He played his part of the story told excellently. Ki on the murder is always great, and such was the case here. Xavier got his occasional power moves in, but ultimately, it felt like he was out of his depth in this title match, mostly getting the shit beaten out of him by the champ -- that is of course until Daniels came out to distract Ki & Xavier took advantage of that, going after the previously worked over leg, revealing that he had joined The Prophecy in the process. The plan came to fruition, and I gotta say that the journey there, in this 25-minute match (which didn't even feel that long at all!) was unique, charming & very compelling. Was it a bad booking decision? Maybe, but I do think this match straight up ruled. ***1/2

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