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[2001-01-04-IWRG] Felino & Mr Niebla & Tony Rivera vs Dr Cerebro & Silver King & Negro Navarro

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This was a decent looking match on paper but can never be sure with these IWRG matches. A lot of times they end up treading water even at these TV tapings. This was a brisk match that enough quality moments to make the bout worthwhile. The best match-up was Felino vs. Cerebro, which came across as one of those lost match-ups that would have made an amazing feud. Of course, you could say that about a number of match-ups involving Dr. Cerebro, which speaks to the quality of the worker and his gimmick. They got enough time on the mat here to appease me. We also got the chance to see Negro Navarro, although he didn't hit his full stride in this bout. 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2001-01-04-IWRG] Felino & Mr Niebla & Tony Rivera vs Dr Cerebro & Silver King & Negro Navarro
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Smooth intro into lucha for the year.  Nothing groundbreaking but overall good action for all three caidas. I especially liked the Cerebro vs Felino interactions and this should be a big year for Cerebro with his apuestas upcoming against Santo. Everyone here felt like they got moments to shine. Rivera was the least but that was to be expected on paper. ***1/4 (6.7)

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