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[2001-01-18-IWRG] Felino vs Dr Cerebro

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Well, I was wrong when I said Felino vs. Cerebro wouldn't go anywhere. I guess I should have looked ahead because here they are in a title match. I took a long break from watching this stuff so they may have been feuding at the end of the year as well. This was an excellent title match. In fact, if it wasn't for that amazing Atlantis vs. Wagner mano a mano bout it would have easily been the MOTM for January. The first fall is 9 minutes of matwork, and even though Cerebro is clearly Felino's superior on the mat, it's still an outstanding portion of matwork. The segunda caida is a classic revenge fall with Cerebro hitting a terrific tope that is one of the more realistic looking dives you'll see in a lucha bout. He follows that up with an awesome submission/pin combo that every wrestler should copy. I love how the ref is in two minds over whether to count it as a pinfall or submission but gives him a five count to release it. The third fall isn't as epic as some title matches but it doesn't beat around the bush either. You know you're getting a finish and the ending is totally satisfying. Great stuff. 

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First fall is 9 minutes and all mat work. It is fantastic and really something different from what we have seen throughout the year so far. Lucha in general has been fine but nothing has really knocked my socks off. This did. Intricate, glue-based work with Cerebro being a great rudo within the maestro work by being more vicious digging his heel into the head of Felino on the submissions and surf boards. Felino gets the first fall with the splash mountain. Second fall has the pace get picked up and Cerebro is more aggressive out of necessity. Felino regroups with an injury to his hurt back but Cerebro has a flurry capped off with a beautiful tope that on slow motion shows his neck curve backward on impact. Quick submission afterwards evens things up. Third fall is brief but they are pulling out all the stops and Felino is in desperation mode knowing his midsection is heavily damaged. Finish playing into that with Cerebro getting the definitive win was deeply satisfying. A wonderful match overall. ****1/4 (8.5)

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