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[2019-04-21-AJPW-Champion Carnival] Yuji Okabayashi vs Zeus


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This wasn't a hoss battle, this was a damn KAIJU BATTLE :mark:. 16 minutes of two fright trains clashing against each other until one proves which one is the strongest. The go full Kobashi/Sasaki with the chop battle, I think they spent like 3 straight minutes just chopping the fuck out of one another :lol:. In the beginning it seemed Zeus was going to work on top for Yuji to comeback eventually, but that was not the case at all, this was more of a sprint with a bunch of strikes and suplexes and excess. Only part I found too much was the suplex exchange part, but eventually they sold the fuck out of the exhaustion this type of effort would require so I can't get too mad at it. Awesome crowd too, they got what they wanted to see. If you are willing to accept the excess/ridiculousness that comes from this type of match, you are gonna fucking love this!

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Chop battles have been done a thousand times, but the formula can't get old if you have the right guys doing it. A bomb fest of a match is what this should've been, and thankfully it was. Nothing to look deep into here, just two buff badasses kicking each other's asses, ****1/2.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2019-04-21-AJPW-Champion Carnival] Yuji Okabayashi vs Zeus

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