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[2012-06-18-WWE-Smackdown] Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus


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This is a really good stiff battle. There's a funny moment on commentary where they're extolling Dolph's technical skill in contrast to Sheamus' brute brawling style, meanwhile Dolph is unloading a flurry of punches at Sheamus. I really liked how they did the transitions, Sheamus lariating Dolph while he's sitting on the top turnbuckle looked cool and the finish got a cheer out of me.


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World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler - Smackdown 6/18/12

The year 2012 was such a great in-ring year for Sheamus. It was the year I turned the corner on Sheamus and he became my favorite wrestler on WWE roster. He hits really fucking hard and has one of the deepest offensive arsenals in North American wrestling history. He reminds me a lot of Bret Hart because he has such an array of stock spots he can pull from and because he loves to grind his opponents. Both Sheamus and Bret Hart work great on top just grinding their opponents. Of course, Sheamus has a lot of Greg "The Hammer" Valentine in him with all the stiff shots. So of course, the kid of Greg Valentine and Bret Hart would be my favorite wrestler. They really missed the boat with Sheamus presenting him as one of their hammy, Dad joke entertainers. He should have been in Denim & Leather and shades. Kicking ass and doing respect promos like Bret used to do with a little more aggression. It is a shame. 

Really fun TV main event and a reminder that Dolph Ziggler can be a part of great matches. They do a great establishing Sheamus' power advantage. He is just bowling Ziggler over and throwing him around at will. Ziggler is trying to use the dropkick as a hit n run strategy. I really liked how Ziggler established the high ground in the ring and as Sheamus was coming in he hit a dropkick. Smart move. However, he forsakes the high ground and jumps into Sheamus' arms who hurls him into the barricade. Really good psychology. I liked the use of Vickie Guerrero to distract Sheamus just long enough for Ziggler to hit a jumping fame-asser from the stairs. This gets over the heel psychology but also Ziggler adds some oomph by using the stairs so it shows that Ziggler needed the stairs to overcome the size advantage. I liked how suffocating Ziggle was on Sheamus. He was constantly peppering him with shots or using the sleeper. The Dropkick to the head on the apron was great. I like how Sheamus' comeback was earned. Lots of great stiff shots. The best spot of the match was when Ziggler tries to cut him off at the top rope and Sheamus just swats him out of the air with a thunderous forearm. It looked sick! Sheamus kicks his ass all over the ring. Ziggler tries to go after the leg and Sheamus just MANS UP AND KICKS HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF! Great finish!

Efficient, strong psychology from both men and entertaining throughout. I could watch this style of pro wrestlng forever and never get tired of it. Loved this! ****  


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