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[2019-05-06-WWE-RAW] Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan

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Kofi Kingston defends the WWE Championship in a Wrestlemania rematch

THE GOAT IS BACK. This was excellent. Not Mania level, but not many matches are. Kofi got a proper shine to start things off & it was very good. Eventually Bryan gets the control as Kofi crashes to the outside, and so starts the clinic of working the arm by the man; every kick he lashes out is targeted to that left arm, and I also loved how he threw Kofi arm first into the barricade. The way he countered Kofi's springboard attack attempt into the Danielson Special might've been the highlight of the match, too. Kofi sells the armwork very well throughout - loved him selling the damage during the "New Day Rocks" clapping-bit. The cherry on top of the cake is that the finishing stretch ruled as well; they kept it short, but also kept the sense of danger in the thing w/ both guys barely escaping their killshots in Busaiku & Trouble in Paradise, only for Kofi to bust it out again to get the win. Great stuff. ****

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Oh look @ShittyLittleBoots and I showing up to praise a Daniel Bryan match. Shock of all shocks on PWO.

Yeah this was excellent. Though it wasn't a better match, I thought that Kofi's performance here was much better than it was in the Mania match. He went out of his way to really put in a great match here, bumping and selling like an absolute maniac. The first crazy bump comes as Bryan's transition from the babyface shine into the heat segment when he tosses Kofi right over the ringpost and down to the floor. From there, the arm work is laser focused and engaging and Kofi sells it very consistently all the way through to the end of the match. Great moments like Bryan fishhooking Kofi to add damage to the Lebell. Again, gotta show some love to the Kofi performance here as he pulls out another insane PCO-esque bump, going straight over the top and right down to the floor. Insane to do that for a Raw match that won't be talked about much in the coming months. I'm sure I've talked Bryan up to death around here which is why I was genuinely surprised to say that Kofi really upped his game for this match. The performances felt far more equal and yes there are still moments of sloppy offense, there's no doubting that Kofi felt like a top guy during this match.


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