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[1987-07-25-WWF-MSG, NY] Honky Tonk Man vs Ricky Steamboat

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Honky Tonk Man had recently won the title from Steamer in an underhanded way. Originally this was supposed to be Jake. Honky is a really interesting character. As the IC champion the fans viewed him as an unworthy champion after the likes of Steamer,Savage,Tito, and the Hammer. So they work this match to really play up that story. At the bell Honky pearl harbors Steamer but turns the tide immedieately. Steamboat takes control and focuses on HTM's neck and back. Honky gets an opening and gets a little flurry of punches. Steamer blocks and in some great revenge spots punches HTM in the face. The crowd is super hot, and believes the title is a changing. Every near fall MSG bites on. Not to be outdone Hart hits Steamboat with his megaphone for 2. Honky gets another flurry until Steamer makes another huge run. This was all action, finish sets up a lumber jack match return bout. Steamer took about 75% of the match so the crowd believed it was his night. 3 3/4*

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