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[1984-12-03-Mid-South] Ernie Ladd vs Magnum T.A. (Steel Cage)

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Ernie Ladd defends the North American Title.

Mid-South was the place where TA really learned. They paired him with Wrestling 2. He wrestled Ladd,Reed, Dibiase, Eaton, Condrey, Wrestling 2 and others. When Dusty brought him to Crockett he was ready to be the guy. His feud with Ladd has been a really solid one, and one that doesn't get mentioned enough in the history of wrestling. I believe we have around 6 of their matches on tape. I was lucky to see one live in Htown. This was TA's feud that cemented him as being ready. This is a cage match and it really wasn't great, but it told a story. TA gets an early shine by working the arm. Ladd uses his size to take control. He beats on him for a bit. TA mounts a comeback. He uses the cage as a weapon. Ladd teases the foreign object, but uses the cage to stun TA. Ladd then finishes him off with the foreign object. 2 1/2*

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