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[1968-12-Paris, FRA] Jean Ferre (Andre the Giant) vs Andre Bollet

paul sosnowski

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I cannot confirm the date or anything about this tournament, "La Coupe de Cache du Salon" .  One source says they had a match in Lille, France on December 8, 1968.  But this is supposedly from Paris.   This may be brand new footage.   They also had a match in Paris in November 1, 1967.

Lille - 08th December 1968
Jean Ferre vs. André Bollet




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For non-french people :

Jacques Martin, the color commentator who said few words during the match, was a big star in french TV. It would be like Johnny Carson did commentary. 


He is the guy who took a bump after the match.

Danièle Gilbert was the co-host with Jacques Martin and she is still on TV to this day.


I did some researchs on André Bollet and was stunned to see he was a international sensation : he was a 2-times Texas Champion, wrestles at MSG and had a part on Borsalino, a french movie. In France, he was teaming with Robert Duranton, a big star on his own, and they even record an album. He was 44 here and he was incredible. Great on offense, can show ass and trash talk the crowd.


Notes on the match :

At 21:32, the crowd asked Jean Ferré to give a slap on Bollet's ass ("une féssée").

At 28:00, the referee gives a warning to Bollet (like in British wrestling).


During the fiery comeback by Jean Ferré in the last fall, the ref gives two warnings (34 minutes).


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