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[1978-04-27-AJPW] Jumbo Tsuruta vs Ric Flair

War is Raw

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Jumbo is defending his championship in 2/3 falls vs pre-NWA champion Ric Flair. Dick Murdoch is Flair's cornerman.

Fall 1 was a surprisingly well-paced round with varied offense with realistic submission holds. The 1st fall is technical, longest, and 50/50, i.e an actual legit wrestling match. I could tell both men had unbelievable cardio and everything was nice and snug, if not stiff. Ric and Jumbo are working their bodies and have good matwork to see who will get the advantage. Jumbo wins the 1st after reversing an atomic drop in 14:39, so is sitting pretty.

However, Fall 2 had Ric unload on the leg and was fantastic on offense to wear it down. This is basically Ric's ideal strategy to win matches at this time. I was really into the match. He won with the Figure Four Leglock in 8:49.

Finally, Fall 3 had Ric continue to get that leg again but Jumbo rolled him up with a shock small package (near the ropes, so it fell flat a little) in 2:59.

There's nothing to rip apart in this match- it felt like a real bout with two no-nonsense competitors. Ric's selling and bumping contrasts Jumbo's seriousness. There is no doubt who had charisma here. No highspots, blood, title change, Ric title defense in this one, and not memorable finish/result so I guess it's forgotten.

Recommended if you want to see a very solid wrestling match.


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