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  1. War is Raw

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Thanks for seeing my overall point, unlike GSR. Hyperbole goes over everyone's heads. Makes sense GSR would defend another literalist like Dave. See ya around.
  2. War is Raw

    AEW Dynamite - November 25, 2020

    It's kinda funny to me how lots of people are still conditioned (no offense meant) that TK will try to get out of the Mox vs Omega finish or thinking that it being "just" a TV match means it will be a screwjob. Cody and Tony have said that Dynamite is the can't miss place for AEW, and even PPVs are inferior to it. Over a year and Tony hasn't pulled DQs or no-contests like what WWE/WCW did to us for decades. Heck, even the cherished Heck, if this was WWE this title match would come on at 10:55PM EST on RAW. For the record, I think it will be a clean win, but if they have an "out" to extend the feud, it will be about the mysterious attacker. Maybe he distracts Mox. And, no I wouldn't mind a 60 minute draw if the go that route.
  3. War is Raw

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    It's the honor system with Dave, yet he doesn't see it like that. Anyone who has a ballot can self-identity as an expert in any given category he (yes, 99% of the voters are men) chooses. Not sure why so many people push back on any criticism of his HOF procedures. People have been attacking the Baseball HOF's methods since inception. We all want the best people nominated, and a fair system.
  4. War is Raw

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    (Just want to add that Japan has a notoriously poor box office in general. Godzilla kept it alive in the 20th century, due to kids demanding to see him. Japanese would rather see anime, K-drama, or American blockbusters than a historical figure wrestling movie. Riki bombing isn't evidence by itself.) But yes, Jackie Robinson is taught in schools, had a successful movie, and is name-dropped by MLB. BTW, he has a 85% U.S. recognizability rating. Hulk Hogan had 93% of 1652 Americans recognize him. Riki is not seen this way in 2020 Japan. The 1960s? Yes. Dave always had a fetish about Inoki in Japan, Colon in Puerto Rico, the Von Erichs in Dallas, The Funks in Amarillo, Lawler in Memphis, Flair in Charlotte ("he could run for mayor" etc. Small sample with me, I concede, but when I went to those places, I asked a banker, driver, hotel worker, etc if they heard of those wrestlers who Dave pitches as "icons" in the region. I NEVER got a hit. Nor did I get a hit for Bruno Sammartino anywhere but NY. I never even got a hit for former Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang in Taiwan, although the commentators said in 2008 he was worshipped there and allegedly a statue was built for him. I did get hits for baseball player Ichiro in Japan. In 2016 random people in Edmonton knew who Bret Hart was, and one even added, "And Chris Jericho". Didn't feel comfortable chit-chatting about Benoit. And you can forget about the joshi scene in Japan. It basically lost an entire generation (or two) of fans, and is still in the dark ages. That said, I agree with Dave that one time (I believe it was the 2019 G-1) when he said pro wrestling is a non-mainstream niche in Japan at the moment. Never lose sight of that, because it is true for wrestling as a whole. Now...any Mexicans want to smarten us up and prove Dave wrong by saying no one knows who El Santo is, and how lucha libre is a subculture, and not a cultural institution which draws better than WWE relative to its pop?
  5. War is Raw

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Should be noted Medico Asesino, Karloff Lagarde, Dan Koloff were not even on this site's Top 557 Master List for the Greatest Wrestler Ever project. That means we have no footage and they weren't even big enough to consider even as a historical curiosity. But, now, years later, thanks to intrepid historians WON has found hidden gems. Of course, they are at the expense of some more recognized wrestlers. It's intellectual elitism. WON's nomination process has been hijacked by a handful of good intentioned and knowledgeable historians (or hobbyists) on WrestingClassics and Dave's board. But hijacked nonetheless. Even Mike Tenay confronted Dave about putting Omega on the Japanese section of the ballot, not the US modern one. Based on raw totals, he would not have had the 60%, so IMHO he was backdoored in- enabled by Dave. Yeah, so, sorry, but I'm that person who is going to criticize Dave's HOF. There are too many names on there and arguments are made for only a few of the candidates. Like as much as I liked him, why is Kamala even on the list of nominees? And are the inclusions of JYD, Kevin Nash, and The Ultimate Warrior to make up for Dave making fun of them when they were active?
  6. War is Raw

    AEW Dynamite - November 11, 2020

    I agree...it is like they made Jade cut a looong bad promo on purpose (or set her up like a rib) just to have Brandi "break the fourth wall" and call her out on it. Also felt like an ECW angle where an outsider is depicted as not having any promo skills or other ability and the fans want 911 to come out for the chokeslam. At least in ECW it would have been a one-shot. Social media has been complaining about Shida's lack of angles and the women's division in general. So what does TK give us? A WCW Nitro angle with a basketball player involving Brandi and a baseball player's athletic wife. Brandy's promo had passion and emotion. But, yes, her multiple personalities make my head hurt. Like you, I just don't feel comfortable discussing the "racial code switching". For example, she can get away with it. I find it amazing internet darling Eddie Kingston (Irish and Puerto Rican) can get away with what PN News, OG-13, and Johnny B Badd did.
  7. War is Raw

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    There is no doubt when it is their time at Cauliflower Alley or the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame (or their future replacements) that The Young Bucks will be considered the next step in the natural evolution of tag team wrestling (Rock N Roll Express-->Rockers-->Hardys-->Young Bucks). FTR vs TYB was comparable to Rockers vs Brain Busters. Traditional rasslin' like NWA Powerrr (and truthfully how NXT was presented before USA) are also niches, not solutions to "fix" wrestling. Marvel/Disney can "fix" it all right, by mainstreaming it for kids on NBC prime time and get 5 million viewers. Will everyone be happy then? Of course not.
  8. War is Raw

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    All I can say is that when Dave says "it's the voters' decision, not his" when he responds to people like Ole Anderson criticizing "his" WON HOF, Dave leaves out how influential he is. It's even in WON's article: "A fifth entry, early 20th century wrestler Dan Koloff, was also inducted based on Dave Meltzer’s historical analysis and research." In other words, Dave and the historians make a case for the voters and they sway votes. It doesn't happen all the time (Dave seemed big on Randy Orton last year more than voters) but it surely happens for obscure names and his vote of no-confidence for people like Moolah, Slaughter, the Andersons, et al.
  9. War is Raw

    Lanny Poffo - greatest ever camp/effeminate heel?

    Had to respond to this from Nominees, and disagree years later, for future generations: Watch Lanny's MSG run in 1985. He seems like a time travelling AEW wrestler who transported back into time. His matches with Terry Funk and next month with Iron Mike Sharpe in August are absolutely amazing. I'm sure I will see more hidden gems from him. Lanny was surely someone who was underpushed, considering he got decent pops and kept fans engaged even as a perennial jobber. He was very aggressive in the Iron Mike bout and pulled out lots of exciting high flying moves (did not do the moonsault). Considering how WWF had one of the worse workrates in the country, Lanny really stood out on house shows, along with the Bulldogs- outperforming the lazy veterans.
  10. War is Raw

    [1969-12-02-JWA] Dory Funk Jr vs Antonio Inoki

    I have been binging JWA/AJPW from the beginning, watching the famous names. I could not believe the level of heat for this match. Holy cow, I have never heard Japanese fans pop for submission holds, counters, and looks.
  11. War is Raw

    Gorilla Monsoon

    How about Gorilla Monsoon, the wrestler? I just saw Gorilla Monsoon's All Japan run so I believe I've seen all of Gorilla that's out there. Still less than 1% of his career, of course. In his prime (1960s): He oozed personality and charisma- a perfect for WWWF. His style wasn't a realistic amateur wrestler or a brawler. He was like an intelligent monster, a bit hard to label. He was unique. Was not sadistic, but was tough. He took bumps and sold as a big man and was very mobile. His quickness made him for exciting to me compared to, say, Giant Baba who usually waited until the climax or 3rd fall to start showing running the ropes and doing his "highspots". You can see he had "it" even as he became an occasional wrestler in the 1970s. Later day counterparts of Gorilla would be a more logical and professional version of 1980s Bigelow, without the aerial moveset. Maybe a taller version than Jerry Blackwell. Definitely needs to be in "greatest big man" discussions, even if he's a victim of lack of footage.
  12. War is Raw

    Has this project meant anything outside our bubble?

    Just reading this years later, but most GWE voters didn't value historical significance, drawing power, star power, importance outside of wrestling, name recognition, or pushes: what most others lists value to be "great". Voters- or at least the ones with platforms- valued psychology, workrate, character, storytelling, and Japanese, Mexican, and British stars. GWE relied on footage in circulation. At least that SI list rcognized Golden Age stars and didn't try to pimp obscure "hidden gems" like Virus.
  13. War is Raw

    Steve "Mongo" McMichael - Is he the best of the worst?

    Considering what has been "proven" by the elites scholars influencers on this board, I'd say Bruiser Brody, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, KO, Seth Rollins, Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, Bob Backlund, and Shawn Michaels are the best of the "worst".
  14. War is Raw

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Yes, this was when WWE wanted Wrestlemania would be a 3-way with RR vs Becky vs Charlotte. So Asuka- who had beaten Becky clean at the 2019 Royal Rumble for the SD title- was kept out of that main event scene so she could defend her SD title against that women's division. But she dropped the title so Charlotte could have gold in the 3-Way. Asuka was also cancelled from Wrestlemania 35. Then Kairi was called up from NXT in April to be paired with Asuka. WWE had problems figuring out how to get them to speak and assigned Paige. But they had no plans beyond that any real storylines besides being challengers for the Iconics on a Japanese tour. So they took a hiatus and came back as heels, although no one really boos them. Of course things have a way of working out in the end (Asuka is champ since Becky left.) But yeah, Vince sees Asuka and Kairi as tough sells, so the writers had to scramble to help them and HHH had to stick his neck out to push them, especially considering Vince's views on Asian women: