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  1. War is Raw

    Lanny Poffo - greatest ever camp/effeminate heel?

    Had to respond to this from Nominees, and disagree years later, for future generations: Watch Lanny's MSG run in 1985. He seems like a time travelling AEW wrestler who transported back into time. His matches with Terry Funk and next month with Iron Mike Sharpe in August are absolutely amazing. I'm sure I will see more hidden gems from him. Lanny was surely someone who was underpushed, considering he got decent pops and kept fans engaged even as a perennial jobber. He was very aggressive in the Iron Mike bout and pulled out lots of exciting high flying moves (did not do the moonsault). Considering how WWF had one of the worse workrates in the country, Lanny really stood out on house shows, along with the Bulldogs- outperforming the lazy veterans.
  2. War is Raw

    [1969-12-02-JWA] Dory Funk Jr vs Antonio Inoki

    I have been binging JWA/AJPW from the beginning, watching the famous names. I could not believe the level of heat for this match. Holy cow, I have never heard Japanese fans pop for submission holds, counters, and looks.
  3. War is Raw

    Gorilla Monsoon

    How about Gorilla Monsoon, the wrestler? I just saw Gorilla Monsoon's All Japan run so I believe I've seen all of Gorilla that's out there. Still less than 1% of his career, of course. In his prime (1960s): He oozed personality and charisma- a perfect for WWWF. His style wasn't a realistic amateur wrestler or a brawler. He was like an intelligent monster, a bit hard to label. He was unique. Was not sadistic, but was tough. He took bumps and sold as a big man and was very mobile. His quickness made him for exciting to me compared to, say, Giant Baba who usually waited until the climax or 3rd fall to start showing running the ropes and doing his "highspots". You can see he had "it" even as he became an occasional wrestler in the 1970s. Later day counterparts of Gorilla would be a more logical and professional version of 1980s Bigelow, without the aerial moveset. Maybe a taller version than Jerry Blackwell. Definitely needs to be in "greatest big man" discussions, even if he's a victim of lack of footage.
  4. Just reading this years later, but most GWE voters didn't value historical significance, drawing power, star power, importance outside of wrestling, name recognition, or pushes: what most others lists value to be "great". Voters- or at least the ones with platforms- valued psychology, workrate, character, storytelling, and Japanese, Mexican, and British stars. GWE relied on footage in circulation. At least that SI list rcognized Golden Age stars and didn't try to pimp obscure "hidden gems" like Virus.
  5. War is Raw

    Four Years On: An Updated GWE Ballot

    For joshi I'd recommend looking into some of the big names on lists and watching maybe 3-5 matches of someone to see who you like: https://joshicity.com/joshi-wrestler-profiles/retired-joshi-wrestlers/ http://deathvalleydriver.com/joshi1001/ https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&view=statistics&page=21
  6. War is Raw

    Steve "Mongo" McMichael - Is he the best of the worst?

    Considering what has been "proven" by the elites scholars influencers on this board, I'd say Bruiser Brody, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, KO, Seth Rollins, Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, Bob Backlund, and Shawn Michaels are the best of the "worst".
  7. War is Raw

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Yes, this was when WWE wanted Wrestlemania would be a 3-way with RR vs Becky vs Charlotte. So Asuka- who had beaten Becky clean at the 2019 Royal Rumble for the SD title- was kept out of that main event scene so she could defend her SD title against that women's division. But she dropped the title so Charlotte could have gold in the 3-Way. Asuka was also cancelled from Wrestlemania 35. Then Kairi was called up from NXT in April to be paired with Asuka. WWE had problems figuring out how to get them to speak and assigned Paige. But they had no plans beyond that any real storylines besides being challengers for the Iconics on a Japanese tour. So they took a hiatus and came back as heels, although no one really boos them. Of course things have a way of working out in the end (Asuka is champ since Becky left.) But yeah, Vince sees Asuka and Kairi as tough sells, so the writers had to scramble to help them and HHH had to stick his neck out to push them, especially considering Vince's views on Asian women:
  8. Today I learned Scott Keith is successful and has presence. I guess he never went away or he had adapted to Web 2.0 years ago. Just checked out the Blog of Doom and the reader interaction kills most of the others forums I visit, including PWO. The latest post has over 500 comments so far. Latest Observer rewind post has over 120. Makes money from Patreon and Amazon. I guess we all have our bubbles and in my podcasts and forums, Keith isn't mentioned outside of this thread.
  9. War is Raw

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Paige said Asuka came up with the gimmick. Asuka suggested "The Kabuki Girls" and Paige suggested "The Kabuki Warriors". At the time "creative had nothing" for Asuka and Sane so Asuka came up with new gimmick to get booked. Asuka said her inspiration was The Crush Girls (may have been mistranslated) but it's really Bull Nakano and Dump Matsumoto's tag gimmick when they were young. There is nothing stereotypical or racist about Bull and Dump. Most of the time it's viewed as "not racist" if the talent came up with, or enjoys, it. Eddie Guerrero defended his WWE heel gimmick, and said it was based on real guys he knew in his neighborhood. Cryme Tyme... 100% sure Asuka and Kairi don't see any offense to it. Asuka was criticized about the language barrier and now speaks her native tongue. Old guys like Lawler and Corny see that as getting heat. Maybe a random casual fan tuning in thinks it's a step backwards. But fans love her and she can't be a heel no matter what. I guess one could argue (not me) if it is a foreign heel gimmick, and if it had a place in modern wrestling, but the women never thought of that because it's normal to them. I recall fans online not liking the Rusev vs USA angle up until Cena beat him where fans sympathized with him.
  10. War is Raw

    1970s Apter Mag Match of the Year winners

    Wow, what synchronicity that you have that mag! It looks like it was our destiny to talk about this. hahah
  11. War is Raw

    1970s Apter Mag Match of the Year winners

    No problem. Glad you brought this topic up. I have attached two covers, including the award issue. Possible smoking gun: if they are photos from the actual match (as opposed to stock photos from the St. Louis, Florida, GA, etc.), it is NOT the AJPW match which one MOTY (compare the color of the tights, ring ropes, and darkened crowd to the AJPW TV video). There are no other AJPW matches which won MOTY back then in Apter mags, which may be another clue that the award was for one of the three Kiel matches- certainly endorsed by the NWA. We probably weren't supposed to know Dory fought Jack in Japan in the States anyway. If anyone has these mags the answer lies within...
  12. War is Raw

    AEW Double or Nothing 2020

    Even Crimson Mask and some of the other Wrestlingclassics curmudgeons said it was entertaining. AEW is the wave of the future and you and Jim Cornette are on the wrong side of history. Just a fact, not a condemnation.
  13. I avoided TNA, only caught a few episodes here and there, maybe 2 PPVs. But lately I have been watching the TNA Knockouts for the first time and saw that Gail Kim is light years ahead of any woman in WWE during that time period. Awesome Kong, too, and some other women were prolly better than most of AEW's current roster and would be good hands in WWE or NXT. Obviously a lot were your typical soft pr0n workers, but there were good ones. TNA deserves credit for have the women's revolution years before WWE. Just sayin'.
  14. War is Raw

    1970s Apter Mag Match of the Year winners

    Great topic. I noticed that Andre error, so glad you fixed it. Did some research but have no solids. My 1998 PWI Almanac doesn't mention The Wrestler as having those awards. It lists the following for the older awards, so we'd need copies of these to verify: I checked Wrestling at the Chase episodes to see if the Japanese Funk vs Brisco match was a replay, but they only had (or showed clips of) Baba vs Brisco on St. Louis TV. In Larry Matysik's book on St. Louis matches, he lists how Sam Muchnick booked Brisco and Funk's feud from 1971-1978. He lists three EPIC and publicized matches for Funk vs Brisco in 1974 at the Kiel: 4-19, 6-14, and 11-15. He rates them as high as he can. No mention of the Japanese match as being part of the storyline or as a footnote (granted the circumstance of that match were different). Larry obviously knew about it and did PR for the NWA, but makes me think it was not publicized or seen in the U.S. It was not mentioned in Terry Justice's 1974 The Book of the Year newsletter. Thus, I cannot come to a conclusion if it a Wiki retcon based on the AJPW video coming up on search engines, unless Funk or Brisco told Larry, Sam, or Stanley Weston writers that they had the best match of all time in Japan when they got back home. Otherwise it may have been a Kiel match suggested by Larry to the magazine. March 17, 1975 for Bruno vs Arion actually sounds correct. The NY Daily News and The NY Post had serious articles saying history was made with 26,000 fans (MSG + Felt Forum) with that match, i.e. the other matches didn't have that attendance record. The other matches didn't make the 1975 The Book of the Year. Keep in mind, blow-offs were not necessarily the best matches in the WWWF. Many times the real drama occurred in the first match (or if there was was a trilogy, the rematch would be the best one). And if a challenger did not draw the house, he got squashed in one match. This phenomena was also present in Backlund's run and even Hogan's to an extent. However the WWWF blowoffs are the ones that usually made it to tape, and because we have those we think they were perceived as MOTY. But the final bouts were all one-sided with the babyface champ going over. So I could see fans liking the previous bouts better. [Most of Bruno's famous matches that made it to tape are blowoffs or one match squashes, so he just punches and kicks. This creates the perception he wasn't a good technical wrestler.] Believe it or not, the Shea match isn't even mentioned in the 1976 The Book of the Year. It reprints a news article from the 4/26 MSG match in which Hansen won due to "cut over the left eye", which Justice says was really the broken neck. Once again, the theory I just came up with may apply here as well.
  15. War is Raw

    AEW Unrestricted

    Yeah, Koko, I have no idea why this podcast doesn't get buzz. Lots of career overviews and AEW info. I LOVED the Dustin Rhodes episode. Taz, Billy Gunn, and Cody were great. Tony Khan- nothing new, but OK. Moxley was awkward. Dean Malenko still isn't good on the mic. Brandi was skippable. Jim Ross and The Young Bucks were just selling their books. I like Aubrey better as a ref than podcaster.