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[2019-08-11-WWE-SummerSlam] Trish Stratus vs Charlotte Flair


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Pretty sure this is Trish's best match ever, and while Flair was incredible in this, Stratus was the star.

While it was a retirement match, it really didn't feel like a foregone conclusion. There were many moments in which it looked like Trish could beat the odds and either pin Charlotte or make her tap - to her own finishing move, no less - and it made for a great, exciting story.

Only downside to this is that it makes you want have more of Trish, which you can't really have if it's her last match. 

Easy MOTN.

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This was it, their time to show me that they are the “GOAT” like people are saying about them and they didn’t deliver one bit. I thought Trish out in a ton of effort but her output was so mediocre. She is very athletic but most of her offence lacks any fire and looks flimsy as hell. That odd rope assistant lucha roll that she pulled off earlier in the match is a perfect example of that. Charlotte did absolutely nothing to make me care about the match. Her beat down of Trish was so paint by numbers, very boring to sit through. And hearing her unenthusiastically trash talking doesn’t help things one bit. The crowd came alive for Trish’s comeback but that’s really all the praise I can give it. 

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