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[2019-09-15-BJW-Death Vegas] Kohei Sato vs Hideyoshi Kamitani


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Very fun match. I think this suffered from a lack of heat from the crowd as Yokohama once again showed they suck, lol. Kamitani has been disrespecting and asking for a fight with Kohei since before he got the Strong Title so this match made sense. Hideyoshi had a fiery performance that Korakuen would've melted over but you can't have the perfect setting every time. I think this was the most "vulnerable" I've seen Sato against a young guy in a can't remember how long, and he did what he always does, just unleash stiff strikes and tries to obliterate whoever is in front of him.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2019-09-15-BJW-Death Vegas] Kohei Sato vs Hideyoshi Kamitani

I like Kamitani. He is rather bland look-wise but I think he generally is good when he is on the same page as his opponent (aka not the Hideki match). Sato is just a gremlin that’ll give you brain damage. So yeah, this looked good. Striking v Power. Experience vs Youth. Ruthlessness vs Determination. 

Kamitani gave a very spirited performance here. I thought his suplexes and submissions were good. Loved the use of the standing variation of the stretch plum. His facial expressions when Sato was kicking his chest were good. He had a big stretch of offence in the match and he made good use of it. Sato did very little - just a few strikes until the finish. This was pretty much Kamitani dominating. So it was good but it needed a little more from Sato and the crowd, really. ***1/2

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