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[2019-09-15-BJW-Death Vegas] Takuya Nomura & Fuminori Abe vs Daisuke Sekimoto & The Bodyguard

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Saikyou Tag League

Beautiful tag match. Instead of the typical "big dudes throws little guys around" sort of match that these four could totally pull off, they went the minimalistic route and I fucking loved it. There's so many little things to love about this match. Astronauts gain the upper hand early because they lull Sekimoto and Bodyguard into working holds instead of clashing head on - which they have done plenty of times against Sekimoto & partner -, and only way the big dudes gain control is by doing big dudes things. But they have to fucking work for it. Once they get on top they choke Nomura almost to death, the selling by Takuya was stellar, I legit thought the young gawd was about to pass out. It takes them 10 minutes to hit the first chop, and it's not missed at all, it's that kind of match.

This is another sensational performance by Abe btw. Little fucker is the best cotdamn partner on the planet, the way he cheers Nomura on when he's getting manhandled, how he picks his spots to interfere, to hit a stiff strike and to do a cool counter is some next level veteran shit, and dude is 24 years old! He's role in the match is to allow Nomura to stay in the fight and to go into the finishing sequence with a chance to win. And boy, once that final 5 minutes happen... :banderas:

This was right up my alley. MOTYC for sure, not even the tame Yokohama crowd hurt this match.

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Yeah, this was a lot of fun - Bodyguard is limited in what he can do but he makes it work and has a great presence. Sekimoto's first deadlift German suplex was very cool and also loved Abe's leg screw counter into the kneebar to turn the tide against Sekimoto. Bodyguard's selling when he gets smacked in the face by Nomura was terrific and he follows that up by clobbering Nomura upside his head. Abe is very good at what he does and brings something unique to the table. I'm pretty sure Nomura broke his nose on the pair of Germans at the end - Bodyguard lands on his face twice and when he sits up,  his nose looks fucked. Not sure if I'd consider it a MOTYC but a blast of a tag match, with the "less is more" approach. 

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