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[2019-11-09-AEW-Full Gear] The Young Bucks vs Proud & Powerful (Ortiz & Santana)

paul sosnowski

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Great tag match that was much more narrative-driven than most tag matches we see in AEW. Proud and Powerful did a great job working over the leg of Nick who, to his credit, sold it incredibly well. In a day and age where most limb work becomes inconsequential or just straight blown off, stuff like Nick being unable to hit the Meltzer Driver or even jump off the turnbuckle made everything much more meaningful. That's not to say there wasn't a ton of great spots and offense either. But the story they were telling made things matter more than they usually would. There was also little stuff like Santana forcing Nick to tag in as he was more vulnerable than Matt that I really enjoyed and I wish they had allowed the tag to the foot rather than have Knox prevent it (a ref should not be able to call heel team shenanigans that early into the match). And the post-match with the RnR Express was great, can't wait for an eventual match between then and P&P.


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