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Central States - minor miracle needed


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Man, that KC wrestling documentary is just great. Interesting, informative, and utterly charming. 


I don't know if this would make anyone's 'best of' list but I enjoy this match quite a bit, largely because I knew Tim Flowers around this time. It's a good but unremarkable mid-80s 'folks that's all the time we have' show-ending brawl: 


The guy who posted that seems to have a few matches from the later days of Central States up YouTube, and I think there's a channel on Dailymotion called Lucier's or Lucien's Wrestling Archives that has some as well. 


Doesn't really answer BrainFollower's question, but it might be useful...

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Thanks guys!  I wonder if you meant Roy Lucier's Wrestling Classics.  Anyway here is the full list of matches and misc.  I am planning on covering for my podcast's CS episode.  Criticism of choice is very welcome.

Harley Race vs. Ric Flair

Marty Jannetty vs. Brett Sawyer

The Midnight Express vs. the Batten Twins

Bobby Fulton vs. Scott Ferris

The Grapplers vs. Bruiser Brody & Buck Robley

TIger Mask vs. Grizzley Evans

Bob Brown vs. Harley Race

Bob Brown and Slick promo

The Ted Oates heel turn

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