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Round 2 Bracket 2  

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We are now in the quarterfinals of Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph.

The first round had more squashes than I expected. In hindsight I should have had Dusty with the Roadies and Triple H with the Outlaws. 

Demolition face the Shield in what I find a difficult choice. Demolition as a trio does not have as good a record in trios, but the Shield never faced peak LOD and Ultimate Warrior. 

But these two teams are a toss up. I can picture Shield beating Demolition credibly, but I can see Demos beating Shield. I think Shield's teamwork is a non factor with Ax. But Crush at that time was a liability due to experience. So that will be Shield's key to success. 



New Day vs Road Warriors and Power Warrior is more one sided. New Day has proven to be vulnerable to power teams and barely got past the Wyatt Family. 

But New Day has proven to be resilient and Big E is not exactly Ed Grimley If I do say. 

Teamwork is their key to success.


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PThe semi finals start in the morning.

The story of bracket one's quarter finals was old vs new and in this case old won the day for now. But both the Shield and New Day put up a real fight and showed they deserved to be in the conversation of best ever.

The Shield came very close to winning after Crush was hit with the Super Bomb, but was saved by Ax. Rollins survived the Demo Decapitation thanks to Ambrose.

The finish came when Reigns missed the spear and crashed into the turnbuckle, allowing Demolition to hit him with a double team Stun Gun/Hot Shot for the win.

New Day was brutalized by the Road Warriors from the start. Their victory came from surviving the onslaught and showing they are more than comedy. 

Eventually Big E fell to the grave digger.

Bracket 2 was a story of grudges being settled. The Outsiders held a grudge against Ric Flair since 1999, when Flair dismantled the nWo as WCW president. 

But The Outsiders had never dealt with this breed of Horsemen and were quickly defeated as Syxx submitted to the figure four at the eight minute mark. 

The Freebirds and Midnight Express match was different as this match went nearly an hour. The Freebirds were determined to avenge the losses in 87 and the Midnights remembered being cheated out of the world tag team titles in 1989. 

The match ended at the 47 minute mark when Stan was pinned by a double ddt after mistimed interference from Jim Cornette 


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