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  1. Victator


    Thanks to everyone who voted. I think I could have done better and regret entering some teams, but it might be fun to do again next year. I wish now I had used Dusty and The Road Warriors and the Nation Of Domination in place of the Rhodes Family and D-X in place of Evolution. The Horsemen won and I think those are proper winners, They are I think the greatest group in wrestling history both in universe and performance. Anyway. thanks again.
  2. Victator


    Poll is being reopened.
  3. Victator


    The Horsemen narrowly defeated the Freebirds, when Arn Anderson hit Terry Gordy with the Spine Buster. Demolition and the Road Warriors ended in a no contest, when Crush ripped the corner post out of the ring. The Horsemen were preparing to take the belts, when Billionaire Mark Ivy declared a Three Way Dance Of Decimation. Lets add a twist and add a cage. Letz twizt again like we did last summer. and make it elimination rules. Where each member needs to be eliminated. Vote in the polls above. I added an extra question for fun.
  4. Victator

    Semi Finals

    Sorry for the delays. Tornados and other business. These semi finals have happened in real life, yet were never satisfying. Demolition met the Road Warriors with Ultimate Warrior on television twice. Once at MSG in what I think was the best match the Roadies had in the WWF and beyond. The second was on NBC in a shorter match. If Ax and Smash had met the Roadies before Ax death scare, I think you get a legendary battle. Here Demolition is in peak health. The Roadies have a better partner in the Hell Raiser. This match may kill us all. The other semi final will be less violent but just as intense. The Freebirds meet the Horsemen. The Freebirds were the first wrestling gang. There maybe others, but I'm not sure. Certainly the Freebirds were the first to be presented as a true unit. But the Horsemen perfected the concept and dominated wrestling. They were the unquestioned masters of the NWA. When the UWF was absorbed into the NWA, the most anticipated match was the Freebirds vs the Horsemen. The match happened once and was sadly never televised. The Horsemen won that night. Vote now
  5. Victator

    Round Two Bracket One

    PThe semi finals start in the morning. The story of bracket one's quarter finals was old vs new and in this case old won the day for now. But both the Shield and New Day put up a real fight and showed they deserved to be in the conversation of best ever. The Shield came very close to winning after Crush was hit with the Super Bomb, but was saved by Ax. Rollins survived the Demo Decapitation thanks to Ambrose. The finish came when Reigns missed the spear and crashed into the turnbuckle, allowing Demolition to hit him with a double team Stun Gun/Hot Shot for the win. New Day was brutalized by the Road Warriors from the start. Their victory came from surviving the onslaught and showing they are more than comedy. Eventually Big E fell to the grave digger. Bracket 2 was a story of grudges being settled. The Outsiders held a grudge against Ric Flair since 1999, when Flair dismantled the nWo as WCW president. But The Outsiders had never dealt with this breed of Horsemen and were quickly defeated as Syxx submitted to the figure four at the eight minute mark. The Freebirds and Midnight Express match was different as this match went nearly an hour. The Freebirds were determined to avenge the losses in 87 and the Midnights remembered being cheated out of the world tag team titles in 1989. The match ended at the 47 minute mark when Stan was pinned by a double ddt after mistimed interference from Jim Cornette
  6. These are matches we have seen in real life in some form. Horsemen in other forms have defeated the Outsiders, So I see no reason Flair, Tully and Arn can't win this easily. The Freebirds challenged the Midnight Express multiple times in 1987 for the United States belts and lost both times. I expect the Freebirds to win, but I think the Midnights and Bubba are better in every way. So I have doomed the Midnights.
  7. We are now in the quarterfinals of Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph. The first round had more squashes than I expected. In hindsight I should have had Dusty with the Roadies and Triple H with the Outlaws. Demolition face the Shield in what I find a difficult choice. Demolition as a trio does not have as good a record in trios, but the Shield never faced peak LOD and Ultimate Warrior. But these two teams are a toss up. I can picture Shield beating Demolition credibly, but I can see Demos beating Shield. I think Shield's teamwork is a non factor with Ax. But Crush at that time was a liability due to experience. So that will be Shield's key to success. New Day vs Road Warriors and Power Warrior is more one sided. New Day has proven to be vulnerable to power teams and barely got past the Wyatt Family. But New Day has proven to be resilient and Big E is not exactly Ed Grimley If I do say. Teamwork is their key to success.
  8. Victator

    Action League W*RE News Flash

    The first round is over. Demolition defeated the Russians handily. The match came down to Ivan and Ax as generals commanding their troops, but Ax proved to be a superior strategist here, using Smash to anger his former teammates. Allowing the Demos to isolate Nikolai. It ended with Crush and Ax using the Demolition Decapitation to pin Volkoff. The Shield defeated The Dudleys in a match where the Shield were caught off guard initially. Bubba and D-Von proved to be better brawlers. They made sure to avoid working the Shield's match. But they knew their youngstest brother was a liability in the long run. The Shield had made Spike the center point of their strategy. They knew Bubba and Dvon would focus so much on protecting Spike, they would be vulnerable. The Hounds isolated and brutalized Bubba and forced a situation where Spike had to tag in. Soon they finished Spike with the Triple Bomb. Wyatts vs New Day was a brutal fight that went all over the Ivy Dome and ended in a draw after thirty minutes. Commissioner Krustavski ordered a restart and soon there was a double DQ, as Big E and Harper flattened the referee. The match was again restarted and Bray was pinned by the rare Double Midnight Hour. Things will not get easier for the New Day. Road Warriors and Power Warrior thrashed the trio of Piper, Orton and Orndorff. Roddy's Rowdies were able to isolate Power Warrior for a time, but things fell apart quickly, when Piper accidentally hit Orndorff. Mr.Wonderful piledrived Piper and left, allowing a Doomsday Device to finish off a now alone Orton Jr. Outsiders defeated the Brood in a surprisingly competitive match. The Brood kept The Outsiders off balance with teamwork and air attacks. But soon the cunning and power of Hall and Nash took root and Gangrel was finished by the power bomb. The Horsemen defeated the Rhodes Dynasty with controversy. Three hooded men with familiar builds ambushed the Rhodes on the way to the ring. Dusty's ankle was injured. Cody was distraught and was trying to help his father, leaving Goldust alone. Cody is tagged in and pinned after a double Gourdbuster from Arn and Tully. The Freebirds defeated Evolution quickly with a backdrop into a powerbomb. Triple H was visibly upset and regretted not teaming with D-X. The Midnight Express and Big Bubba Rogers defeated the Bullet Club trio of Styles, Gallows and Anderson in a brutal match. The Bullets obsession with Cornette proved to be their undoing and Bubba pinned Gallows after the Bubba Slam. However there was a messure of revenge, when Styles locked Cornette in the calf crusher.
  9. Thanks, it is running at Instagram and my Facebook. If this does well, I was thinking other collectors could enter and we can do a draft or something. Its a very relaxing hobby for me. Thanks to anyone voting. The other places are voting the same as here mostly 16 teams 38 wrestling figures 1 sad manchild.
  10. Second bracket of the tournament and somd of these I sm stumped on. I am picking Brood go pull the upset.
  11. Victator

    Action League W*RE News Flash

    The tournament starts tomorrow.
  12. Victator

    Action League W*RE News Flash

    News Flash!!! Action League W*RE owner, Millionaire Mark Ivy has just presented the grand prize for the Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph; it the original Megazord aka Daizjujin, the ultimate instrument of teamwork!! Will the winners save the world or bury it!!! When reached for comment, Ric Flair is quoted as saying "Can you imagine the Nature Boy, looking good as only he can, sitting in the backseat of Daizyujin with some female admirers and drinks flowing, as the Enforcer Arn Anderson, pilots the ultimate instrument of destruction and allows the Horsemen to rule the earth, WHOOOOO!!!!" Demolition Smash was contacted, "When Demolition takes control of the Megazord, a billion pounds of American engineering and know how. We will take over the earth, knocking the teeth down the throats of stinking commies!!! In fact our first act, will be demolishing Mount Rushmore and breaking the faces of those ugly old geeks and putting our heads on it, then breaking that sissy Great Wall Of China!!!" Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were rumored to already be forming an auction for interested collectors. Billionaire Mark Ivy after selling the Fortress Of Solitude, was asked about the validity of offering such a prize to violent narcissistic brutes? Ivy was quoted as saying freedom is our most valuable commodity and the reason for the season. All eyes will be on Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph, as if our lives depend upon it.
  13. Victator

    Action League W*RE News Flash

    News Flash: Action League W*RE owner, Billionaire Mark Ivy has overruled AWL Commissioner Krustavski and announced the brackets will be changed. Now the Bullet Club will face the Midnight Express and Big Bubba Rogers in the first round of the Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios tournament Of Triumph. Mark Ivy explained he had recently regained his billionaire status after regaining his #3 Nickel from a mysterious Man Witch named Voodoom. That he does not want his tournament torn apart by bad blood and wanted the two groups to settle their differences in round one. Upon hearing the news, Jim Cornette and his Midnights cheered. Cornette explained to Brad Goodman "If I were a praying man, I would thank God, but I'm not, so I won't. Unlike those twerpy half men, the Bucks, I actually respect AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson. But if this is the hill these idiots want to die on, The Midnights are happy to dig their graves. AJ Styles mood was quite different. He told reporter Kent Brockman. "I don't have any cute quips to share. I respected Jim Cornette my entire life, in all honesty for being so vicious. But I failed my friends and damnit, me and the Good Sons are going to take it out of Cornette's hide." Strong words from angry men. They need to remember that win or lose, their night at Action League W*RE Presents Holidaze Elimi-Nation Trios Tournament of Triumph is just starting.
  14. Victator

    Action League W*RE News Flash

    Thanks, I was trying my best to capture his voice.