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RIP Rene Goulet

Ricky Jackson

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French-Canadian journeyman wrestler from the late-50s to mid-80s. Apparently he died May 25 but it's only getting out now. Had his greatest success in several southern territories in 70s working as Sgt. Jacques Goulet. Several stints in NYC, including a brief run with Karl Gotch as one half of the WWWF tag team champs in late 71/early 72. By the 80s he was a TV JTTS for Jr and later I believe an agent for many years (he was one of the many old timers who would break up brawls on TV well into the 90s). He was 86

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1 hour ago, Log said:

Did WWE not do one of those "In memory of..." openings for him back in May?  Seems like he'd get one.  

It seems like his family kept it private. I don't think WWE even knew. Or if they did, they kept it private by request of the family.

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On 12/11/2019 at 10:23 PM, Al said:

The JTTS/agent run when he was in his 50s really colors the perception of someone who had a legit career otherwise. I hope there’s a good obit forthcoming.


Growing up without the sheets or internet I just thought Rene was a douche with a bad haircut. 

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