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[2020-01-05-NJPW-Wrestle Kingdom 14 In Tokyo Dome: Night Two] KENTA vs Hirooki Goto

paul sosnowski

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There's some moments here that don't feel as heated as they should, but that's something that kinda just comes with KENTA post-WWE. This was a really good match. Not as dramatic as some of the Tokyo Dome NEVER epics of previous years, but it still has plenty of stuff to like. A clear heel vs. babyface dynamic with KENTA delivering a solid performance working mostly on top & Goto brought the fiery passion in his comebacks. ***3/4

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This was very good and sort of the hard-hitting encounter you would expect, but it never quite hit that next level for me. Which is a shame, as Goto is know for overachieving at the Dome. The first 10 minutes or so felt like the typical "this is fine but nothing special" Goto match but to their credit, they definitely ramped things up in the last five minutes or so. KENTA does a great job embracing the heel role and Goto pulled the fire out down the stretch.

Very good but I wish they had done a little more in the first two-thirds. ****

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