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[1985-03-02-UWF] Nobuhiko Takada vs Masami Soranaka


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Why has nobody else started a thread for this match?


It seems like a nice exhibition at first, with a couple of skilled wrestlers doing their thing. The matwork is fluid and effortless, but it doesn't seem like either of them is really trying for anything. Then, Soranaka escapes Takada'a Octopus hold and Takada gets pissed and starts kicking the hell out him. Soranaka decides he isn't going to just curl up and die for him, and it turns into a heated fight. Complete with Takada bumping and letting Soranaka keep him locked up in holds for extended stretches, to make it look more likely that he's going to win, and Sornaka looking like superman for kicking out of a running Tombstone and then returning fire. Takada eventually wins out and taps him with a chickenwing, when something more brutal seemed for fitting. But, holy smokes, this was all kinds of awesome, and it's truly a shame that Soranaka's career didn't last much longer, if this is any indication he'd have been fit right in in the Newborn UWF, and maybe the openers with Nakano and Miyato wouldn't have stunk up the joint.

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