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[2020-02-16-WWE-NXT Takeover: Portland] Adam Cole vs Tommaso Ciampa

paul sosnowski

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Nowhere near as bad (wasn't bad at all in my eyes actually) or ridiculous as I thought it would be. The beginning with Ciampa kicking Cole's ass all over the place was awesome; Ciampa was his usual intense self & it just works in sections like that. Cole getting back into the thing with that sickening Wheelbarrow Suplex was great in all of its brutality -- now Cole sure isn't all that interesting on top, but Ciampa from underneath rules. They do go into the full on bomb-section shortly after, and sure there's too many nearfalls & some bad selling of those said bombs, but comparing this to Cole's matches vs. Gargano for an example, it's nowhere near as silly or bad. Or bad at all, really. The bombs are actually pretty damn awesome & like I implied, while they go into the overkill-zone with them nearfalls, I am just thankful they didn't go into Gargano-levels w/ 'em. Enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. Maybe my 2nd favorite match of the night. ***1/4

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