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[2004-09-12-WWE-Unforgiven] Chris Jericho vs Christian (Ladder)


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Edge is injured and had to relinquish the Intercontinental strap, so this is for the vacated title. This was around the time that most midcard feuds on Raw would culminate in a ladder match. Seriously, I looked it up and between 2002-2007, there was 8 ladder matches from the Raw brand in the for mostly the IC title. Like many of those matches, this one struggles to stick out from the crowd. It's enjoyable, just not overly memorable. One thing I can say is that Jericho isn't afraid to take some sick shots and bumps. There's a scary botch where he falls from a ladder and lands ass first onto the very same ladder. This could of benefited if they sped the pace up and if this had a memorable finish. Ladder matches are usually always going to be entertaining to a certain degree, and this is no exception. 


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