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[2003-04-22-Toryumon] Genki Horiguchi vs CIMA

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This was the finals of a tournament as far as I can tell.  CIMA's back & neck are taped, apparently that helps besides telling the world that hurts already.  Horiguchi gets an early rush in and both look to be going for the finish off the bat.  CIMA works a leg for a good amount of time.  I am absolutely not a fan of juniors guys working a leg if the guy taking it is going to ignore it to do junior-y things later and guess what happens.  CMAX is not the asshole heel stable here, Do-Fixer is and they interfere some.  At least it's just some and CMAX kind of evens things up when they need to.  CIMA does a great job selling the neck even when it's not being worked on.  Horiguchi starts working over the neck and acknowledges the leg once late-match.  Finishing sequence is kind of NJPW/WWE-ish in that the set-up moves are used and the finishing part of the sequence gets countered.  I get having sequences to add to the impact of things and that has been a part of puroresu for a while.  HOwever, you would think alternate ideas would also appear given the predictability of what is always coming next after say an Iconoclasm. 

CIMA was really good in this match selling the neck.  If you can ignore blatant no-selling of a significant portion of the match spent on a leg, this was a really good match.  I can't and that knocks it down to good in parts and lacking in others.  Still glad I watched it, just wish some things had been done differently.

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