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Desert Island Graps: PWO Edition


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Inspired by the great Cultaholic's podcast series, id figured it'll be interesting to see what matches you would all pick if you could only watch three matches to try and keep you sane on a desert island. Adding a bit of backstory on how/when/where you first saw your matches is encouraged, in true Cultaholic fashion. 

My picks:

Kobashi/Misawa vs Kawada/Taue (AJPW 6/9/95)

I'll always have fond memories of when I discovered puro about eight years back and I remember being blown away by this match in particular. My entry point into Japanese wrestling was 90's AJPW. I'd just search out Big Dave's star ratings and try to get through all his highly rated matches. I turned into total non-WWE wrestling hipster because of quality matches like this one. To this day, this is still my pick for greatest ever match and I don't want to be stranded on island without seeing something from the Four Pillars of AJPW.

Royal Rumble Match (WWF Royal Rumble 2001)

This is a massively sentimental pick for me as this was the first ever Rumble match I saw and I still think it's the best (Sorry '92!). You get a look at 30 (plus an interfering Triple H) stars of the Attitude Era. This one takes me right back to my childhood and it's a fun way to kill an hour. 

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar (WWE Extreme Rules 2012)

This felt like nothing else WWE were putting out at the time. Lesnar felt dangerous and seeing Cena bleed buckets made this feel like nothing I'd ever thought I would see in PG WWE world. I watched this multiple times after it aired and I was blown away every time.  Lesnar been the best thing about modern WWE, so I'd hate to never see a match of his again. 


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1. Wargames 1992

The best Wargames and the best gimmick match ever in Pro Wrestling for my money.  

2. Misawa vs. Kawada 6/3/94

I've probably watched this 50+ times since 2002.  Always holds up and always quenches my thirst for a good wrestling match.

3. Rey Jr. vs. Eddy Halloween Havoc 1997

See #2, increase to 100.  This would also help tide over not having a true lucha match from Mexico on the island.

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You're looking for something with weight here, I think, something with a lot of small details to look out for. 

1. Bockwinkel vs Hennig 11/15/86

It's an hour match with so much nuance and effort and struggle. There are a million things to see. 

2. Atlantis vs Villano III

It's probably not my favorite match and it doesn't have my favorite guys in it but it's lengthy and heavy with emotion and you can relive it again and again. I think, all else equal, I'd go with a Satanico match instead but I'm not sure which. The Koshikana one maybe? Cochise? I don't know. So I went with this.

3. Heenan Family vs... (Either Andre/Hogan or Warrior's Survivor Series Team)

I want something lengthy and fun with a lot of shtick. Basically, either works. A 10-man NJPW tag might work as well. Lots to see. Lots of people in and out. Etc. Maybe the 92 War Games for the same reason.


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