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[1989-05-04-UWF] Shigeo Miyato vs Minoru Suzuki


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This is easily the best UWF Miyato match that I've seen so far. There's not much of that to attribute to Miyato, which is even more remarkable, since it was still Suzuki's rookie year and only his second UWF match! Suzuki quite literally wrestle circles around Miyato, and his mannerisims honestly aren't far off from what we'd see from him nowadays. Miyato basically stays in the match by sheer force of will to not let the rookie show him up by beating him. Miyato winds up winning when he figures out that Suzuki is susceptible to suplexes, and getting a few lucky shots when they were both throwing wild swings at each other. After a year of snoozefests with Nakano and Anjo, this is certainly a breath of fresh air. With the new blood coming into the company in the form of Suzuki, Funaki, and Tamura, I'm wondering if/hoping that this match is the catalyst for bringing something fresh out of him that he can keep up.

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