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[2001-03-23-NACW] Rock & Roll Express vs The Main Attraction (Mr Business & Mr Pleasure)


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The camera is either inside the cage or shooting through a small gap in the corner, either way we’re right on top of things.  Mr Business has a mullet that puts the Rock & Rolls’ to shame.  Robert is looking very old and very out of shape, it’s amazing seeing him here to think that practically twenty years later he’s still wrestling.  The match itself is fought more like a fight, with all four men in the ring, so there is always something going on.  Mr Business gets thrown into the cage and is not too subtle about drawing the blade across his forehead.  The Main Attraction gets a bit of heat on Ricky until he hits a DDT.  As he has a sleeper on Mr Business, the Attraction’s manager throws a chain into the cage.  That is either intercepted by Robert or Robert grabs it away from Mr Pleasure, you don’t get the clearest view of what actually happened.  Robert wraps it around his fist and starts blasting the opposition when the referee catches him with it and disqualifies the Rock & Rolls.  They tease attacking him post-match but he gets out of dodge.  Ricky has some words and although the audio isn’t the clearest it sounds like he challenges them to a street fight somewhere down the line.

Finish was appalling, a DQ in a cage match?  You don’t even have to have someone being pinned here if that’s the problem, just have the finish being someone exiting over the top of the cage.  On first impression of the Main Attraction the match went better than I expected, up until the finish that is.  I don’t think Robert took a single bump all match though, the closest we got was him dropping to one knee after being punched.

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