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[2004-04-23-ROH-Reborn: Stage One] Samoa Joe vs Homicide

Superstar Sleeze

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ROH World Champion Samoa Joe vs Homicide - ROH 4/23/04

Man Samoa Joe was a fuckin boss and Homicide is a just worker. Joe just had Alpha Male down. He was tooling on Homicide. He was one upping him every step of the way. This was Bob Backlund esque anything you can do I can do better. He would absorb the chop and slap the shit out of Homicide. Homicide would headbutt and Joe would not even register and he would knock his ass down with his own. Honestly, I have seen some Homicide when he was in TNA. I love the name and the gimmick in LAX, but here I didnt think he was dangerous enough. Your name is fucking Homicide, he was getting punked out the whole time. Joe was toying with him. Joe is a tremendous offensive wrestler. You get to see that on display here. They submission, the strikes, the throws everything is here. The Facewashes in the corner and on the outside. Homicide also looked lost at some points. Joe had to basically force him in the right position for the Facewash. When he was on offense, it was nothing interesting. I was expecting an all-time great brawler to counteract Joe's traditional pro-style prowess.

Homicide got a nearfall off a nice piledriver and then an Ace Crusher out of nowhere. I think his Tope Con Hilo was his best move but I am a sucker for that move in general. It always has such crazy velocity compared to a normal suicide dive. Joe hit his trademark shit but not the Muscle Buster or Island Driver. He was going for the Choke when Homicide reversed into a cradle. The ref counted three but realized Joe kicked out before three. I would like to see this more often maybe 1-2 times a year. A bang-bang play like is he out at home or not type situation. Homicide gets pissed because he feels like he is being screwed and decks the ref. I am always for ref violence by a heel. 1997 Macho Man is my standard for dangerous, unhinged pro wrestlers, this scored like a 4 on that scale. The lights go out so they can get the full effect of the FIREBALL~! Ref violence and a fucking fireball was this booked for me! I love both those gimmicks. Honestly, this is what Homicide needed, some edge, some danger, decking  refs and fireballs will do that! Lets see if it translates into the rematch. ***1/4 because Joe was a beast in this match and I love fireballs!

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