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[2006-06-11-WWE-One Night Stand] Mick Foley & Edge & Lita vs Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer & Beulah McGillicutty


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This was originally meant to be just a 2 on 2 with the men, but after Beulah calls Lita a slut, she challenges Lita to make this a 3 on 3 match. Neat. The women don't really add much aside from Edge being able to score maximum sleaze points by pinning Beulah in a sexually suggestive pinning combination. They're mostly here to play off the ECW fan's misogyny and do the dreaded catfight spot. Mick Foley was on fire in 2006, and his pre-match promo shitting on ECW was brilliant. 61 year old Terry Funk can still go, he gets wrapped up in barbed wire, takes a fall of a ladder and even does a callback to his legendary empty arena fight with Jerry Lawler 25 years prior by selling his eye after he gets cut up. He plays off against Foley well and is adored by the ECW fans. The man's the GOAT for a reason. This was a chaotic hardcore brawl that's probably one of the best ECW matches out there, and it's under the WWE name!


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Foley's pre-match promo is pretty hilarious with his banter being lovely. LONG LIVE THE ALLIANCE. This match is just pure goddamn clunky chaos & it's so damn good! Funk & Foley going at it rules - Funk in general is such a madman here at 61 years of age with awesome punches, old-man hardcore insanity, huge bumps, awesome selling. What a GOAT. And I didn't even mention the "MY EYE" bit, which instantly reminded me of you know what. I love that man. All the barbed wire stuff, including the bats, the board, the FLAMING bat/wood/whatever it was that Funker brought -- it's all such gnarly, brutal, EXTREME stuff, if you will. Like I already mentioned, this thing is just pure uncoordinated-feeling having chaos & violence. It's one of the best matches each person involved here has ever been in. Long Live The Alliance, and long live this match. ****1/2

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