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[2004-04-24-ROH-Reborn: Stage Two] Briscoe Brothers vs CM Punk & Colt Cabana

Superstar Sleeze

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ROH World Tag Team Champions Briscoe Brothers vs Second City Saints - ROH 4/24/04

No commentary! Hell Yeah! I dont know the backstory or if there is one. Punk & Cabana are over huge as this takes places in Chicago and they work as "big babyfaces" as CM Punk so eloquently puts it at one point. I am not sure if they were babyfaces all over or just here in Chicago. In the post-match promo, CM Punk lays into Ricky Steamboat so that seems to say to me at least they may be heels outside of Chicago. 

To me this felt like the high stakes 21st Century version of the Rockers vs Rougeaus. Punk & Cabana just bust out the funnest shine in this match. Cabana does a great job. I loved his go run the ropes to shoulder tackle me, but trips the Briscoe bit. There was a good table top spot. They did a great rocking horse double team. They Atomic Drop one Briscoe on the other in such a way that the foot lands on the other's balls. I have to admit this cracked me up. They tied up each Briscoe with the other and then put them in a double camel clutch. I bang the drum loudly for the shine. It is very underappreciated and this was a great shine. I'll be honest the Briscoes were just there for me. I still havent seen much of them, but i cannot think of any one thing that stood out to me. The heat segment was a solid 80s style heat segment. Lots of trapping in the corner and good hope spots by Punk. After the hot tag, it was breaking loose in Chi-Town as they go full spotfest. There were some fun spots. I think the best spot by far was Cabana was going for Doomsday Device but the one Briscoe laid back. Punk went to dropkick his head, but the Briscoe sat up (tremendous core strength) but slid through the legs and hit the other Briscoe with a baseball slide. The Briscoe on Cabana's shoulders ended up hitting a Dragonrana! Pretty wicked! The rest of the finish run was fun sptuff but nothing sticky just a lot of spots. Jay Briscoe hit the Jay Driller on Cabana's but couldnt pin him that would serve as their big nearfall. They were going to do a double team off the top but Cabana crotched one and Punk threw the other off the top. PEPSI PLUNGE~! I have never seen the Pepsi Plunge before! I always pictured it would be done the other way with the Punk facing his back to the ring and kicking backwards. It is a very unrealistic move but it looked cool. Fun little match, Punk looks like a star, he is definitely hit the gym and he looked the best in the ring. Punk & Cabana definitely stood out a lot more than Briscoes with a lot of fun spots and just really big personalities. The Briscoes felt like a couple generic wrestlers there for the ride. Feel-good match for the hometown crowd. ***1/4

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I thought that the first 2/3rds of this were some really great, extremely fun-to-watch stuff. The Chicago crowd gave this an amazing atmosphere w/ them obviously being fully behind The Saints, which gave us a real nice traditional babyface team vs. heel team dynamic. Punk & Cabana get a fantastic shine to start things off, and I loved it all -- the nice lil' touches of comedy with them embarrassing Briscoes were oh so good, and the fact that the crowd ate it all up made it even more sweeter. It really felt like it was the perfect stuff to do on this night. It just all came off as SO spirited because of the atmosphere. Loved Punk's FIP segment as well w/ the Briscoes doing a very good, compelling job of cutting the ring in half & isolating him + even utilizing some old-school heel tactics while doing it. Cabana's eventual hot tag rules, and after that they kick the thing into its 2nd, finishing gear w/ them essentially saying fuck the tag rules, as most of the action for the rest of the match is with all four men inside the ring. Usually stuff like that doesn't really annoy or disturb me at all, because I'm so used to it I guess, but this felt like such a traditional tag bout before that section, so it did bother me a little bit. It was still good action though, but I preferred the lead-up to it. It's a great match overall with a fantastic start, great middle, and a solid last third. Then you add in the absolutely terrific atmosphere and you got yourself a real banging tag outing. ****

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