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[2001-03-15-PWF-Lift Off] Backseat Boyz vs Jose & Joel Maximo


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I never tire of watching the Backseat Boyz entrance.  ‘Big 80s’ Donnie B managing them here, and looking so much like his brother Nova.  We’re informed that both of these teams are top contenders to the PWF tag team titles currently held by The Damned.  A fair bit of playing to the crowd before we get underway, Kashmere even getting referee Mike Kehner to climb the turnbuckles so the fans can cheer for him.  A miscue on the first spot of the match doesn’t bode well.   I don’t think we’re even two minutes in and they’re giving us the Guerrero/Malenko stuff.  Jeez, Trent overshoots a plancha to the outside and it looks like he hits his head on the wooden floor.  Johnny pretty much lifts him to his feet as they’re all needed to cushion the Maximo’s tope con hilo.  A corkscrew plancha by Kashmere and then a fucking dive onto everyone by Kehner!!!  I hate shit like that.  You’re the referee, act like it!  Red is now freely interfering, attacking Johnny.  Acid saves his partner as they all make their way to the stage area at the rear of the building.  Red Star press off the stage.  The S.A.T. drag Trent back to the ring and double team him, this has morphed into Tornado Rules it would seem.  Trent with a superkick for each. He leaps to the top turnbuckle but Red pulls a leg out causing him to crotch himself.  Double Spanish Fly.  Red goes to interfere again, however this time Kashmere shoves him off the top and into one of the Maximo’s.  Acid Bomb/Ace Crusher combination on the other and the Backseat Boyz win.  On seeing Donnie B, who I had genuinely forgotten about, it beggars the question why wasn’t he doing anything to counter Red’s interference?  It’s not as if Red is the most intimidating of presence!

I like the Backseat Boyz, although I didn’t like this.  The ref dive totally took me out, but it wasn’t as if there was much going on before and not much happened after either.  Everything was all a bit of just “going through the motions”.

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